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Bribery System has been traditionally official in Japan.

Since around 7th century, the Japanese imperial headquarters have introduced this system.

The Japanese take advantage of any opportunities and try to make money.

In a sense, it is quite reasonable.

When I was a worker of a Japanese company, I thought that the company could employ a manager with a very low wage.

I thought that there were quite a few rich people unemployed.

They didn't need money. But they wanted honor.

In fact, the company employed an a little stupid female girl.

I was told to take care of her because she was a daughter of an important customer.

Particularly in the case of government workers, they receive more than 300 million Yen (equivalent of 3 million dollars) in their lives including wages and pensions.

If the government demands the bribery when they are employed, it will be quite easy to get a large money from them.

Japanese are originally economic animal and it was a matter of time for them to introduce such an official monetary system.

Nowadays in Japan, bribery in entering a university is said to be common. But such a tradition would be the tip of the iceberg.

Of course the bribe is prohibited by the law, but there are many loopholes.

As there are few related English pages, I would put some Japanese site. You can understand the meaning by translation.

"Baikan system" can be English translation.

You can read related English pages through a Google search. ... e&ie=UTF-8

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