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Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared in March 2014 while flying from Malaysia to Beijing, China. All evidence suggests that the airplane was deliberately flown off course and ditched in the Indian Ocean, killing the 227 passengers and 12 crew members. Debris was later found on the coast of Africa.

I would suggest that Malaysia authorities, after searching the homes of the flight MH370 pilots, found a “martyrdom video” which explained that the destruction of the aircraft was planned to avenge the persecution of Muslim Uighurs in China. Both pilots were Muslim, and a large majority of the flight passengers were Chinese.

The video is being kept secret or was destroyed to avoid angering the Chinese. If such a plot had been confirmed, China would have demanded huge reparations from Malaysia and likely used the act of terror as a pretense to force Malaysia to withdraw all its territorial claims in the South China Sea.
To be fair, Malaysia did not lay their SCS claim as forcefully as either Vietnam or the Philippines. The Vietnam even did not hesitate to go to war with China.

Besides, I didn't know Malaysia had a significant number of Uighurs. On the other hand, about a quarter of Malaysians are Chinese (had Singapore been included it's even 50-50)
Patrickov wrote:
Besides, I didn't know Malaysia had a significant number of Uighurs. On the other hand, about a quarter of Malaysians are Chinese (had Singapore been included it's even 50-50)

The number of Uighers in Malaysia is irrelevant. The Muslim pilots were avenging the persecution of fellow Muslims. Religious solidarity often transcends nationality. For example, many non-Arab Muslims went to Syria and Iraq to fight with Arab members of ISIS.

The flight destination was Beijing, China so the Chinese aboard the plane were most likely Chinese citizens or had relatives in China.
Political Interest wrote:The year was 2014, well before the situation of the Uyghurs had become widely known in the Islamic world as it is starting to be now.

It is unlikely to have been a cause.

The well-documented Chinese oppression of Uyghurs began after the July 2009 Urumqi riots, which began as a protest but escalated into violent attacks by Uyghurs that mainly targeted Han people.

official sources reported that over 1,000 Uyghurs were arrested and detained; Uyghur-run mosques were temporarily closed. The communication limitations and armed police presence remained in place as of January 2010. By November 2009, over 400 individuals faced criminal charges for their actions during the riots. Nine were executed in November 2009, and by February 2010, at least 26 had received death sentences.Ürümqi_riots

Since 2014, Uyghurs in Xinjiang suffer under a "fully-fledged police state" with extensive controls and restrictions upon their religious, cultural and social life
Most of the passengers on board Flight 370 (154) were of Chinese origin and one of them was a Uighur passenger who had received flight simulation training in Sweden. He is a PhD holder in electronic engineering and he may have used a device to jam the flight's electronic system.

Malaysian police and Interpol are combing through the personal backgrounds of passengers and crew of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, and have confirmed they are taking a close look at a 35-year-old passenger of Uighur descent.

Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department director Datuk Hadi Ho Abdullah confirmed this in a report in the Malay language daily Harian Metro today.

“We will conduct further investigations into this matter,” he said, without divulging further details.

It is understood that the police have also searched the family homes of crew members including the pilot and co-pilot of the flight, as terrorism and sabotage has not been ruled out as a reason behind the disappearance of the airliner.

According to the man’s curriculum vitae (CV) found online, he is a PhD holder and is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, at a Turkish university.

He was among 153 Chinese nationals on board MH370.

The Malay Mail Online is waiting for confirmation from the university to verify that that was his last position, prior to boarding the plane.

Besides extensive teaching and research experience in electronics, biomedical, and digital communications, the man had also spent slightly less than a year in 2004 as a researcher at a training and simulation centre in Sweden.

He “designed an integrated future soldier training system based on sensors, communication subsystems and integrated-helmet subsystems and performed simulations for real-time,” according to the CV. ... -cr/634199

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