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This is horrendous!

A judge in Florida ordered that a mother would be jailed indefinitely until she agreed to sign a consent form for her child to be circumcised.
Already shackled in chains and feeling like she had no other choice, she signed the consent form in court while sobbing. ... freed-jail

The woman's name is Heather Hironimus. The child was 4 years old at the time.

She had earlier been jailed for 9 days for refusing to come to court, because she knew once she was there the judge was going to force her to sign the consent form.

The judge also issued a gag order, ordering all parties not to talk to the media about the case.

(The date of the article was May 2015)
Well, at least you didn’t put it in Today’s News :|

What can one say? Dumb adults who can’t reach parenting decisions without the need of the state. You’d think they’d have had a discussion about circumcision before having a kid..... nope.

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