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This nostaliga-marinated ad for an SUV features New Jersey pseudo-cowboy Bruce Springsteen singing the virtues of the open road, unity, and large SUVs driven with the top down at sub-freezing temperatures.

Interestingly, the Boss’s DUI conviction was kept hidden from public scrutiny for the last few months, because of this ad, and a few other celebrity events that Springsteen was used as a prop for.

And then the SUV ad was pulled from many official places after his DUI finally went public.

New York Post wrote:Springsteen, 71, was arrested Nov. 14 at a national park in his home state of New Jersey and charged with DWI, reckless driving and consuming alcohol in a closed area.

from the comments section of the video
"It’s amazing that the incident happened in November but they sat on the story till after the Super Bowl because the Boss had to do Saturday Night Live in December, Biden’s inauguration in January and this stupid at to air during the Super Bowl in February.

A drunk driver advertising for a car. How appropriate. Nice job Jeep! Hope your sales plummet." - 911jedi
Potemkin wrote:Everything I needed to know about life, I learned from The Simpsons. :up: :D

I just wonder if that Simpsons meme actually SOLD more SUVs.

In the 70s, the Pet Rock craze was fed by people who thought that they "got" the joke. They felt like "insiders" as they cleverly laid out 20 dollars for a small rock and a well-designed package.

Likewise, while we were "laughing" at the Simpsons, we continued buying SUVs and all the other products they mocked.

The joke is probably on us in the end.

The writers of jokes have our data.

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