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QatzelOk wrote:Jacques Ellul

I remember wincing a bit reading Ellul. "The individual who burns with desire for action but does not know what to do is a common type in our society. He wants to act for the sake of justice, peace, progress, but does not know how. If propaganda can show him this 'how' then it has won the game; action will surely follow." This seemed somehow a personal indictment - it described me a little too well. But how can society ever change for the better unless people are willing to act, even on the basis of imperfect knowledge and understanding?
Besoeker wrote:I'm of that generation. I like the music. I don't drink coke.

That's a good point. Propaganda can't work in isolation - it must be accompanied by action that directs/limits the available choices of its subjects.

For instance, school cafeterias will have vending machines selling cokes and "healthy" alternative fruit juices. But the fruit juices are actually water, high fructose corn syrup, and a bit of flavoring - made by the same company that bottles the coke.
I quoted Marshall McLuhan on page 4 of this thread, using one passage from Ellul, In his Propaganda, Jacques Ellul explains that the basic conditioning or shaping of populations is done, not by programs for various media, but by the media themselves, and by the very language we take for granted: 'Direct propaganda, aimed at modifying opinions and attitudes, must be preceded by propaganda that is sociological in character, slow, general, seeking to create a climate, an atmosphere of favorable preliminary attitudes' I used this to explain Pokemon Go. Anyway, did anyone read through my data heavy posts on the last page? If so, thoughts?

That's a good point. Propaganda can't work in isolation - it must be accompanied by action that directs/limits the available choices of its subjects.
That's not true. The original definition of propaganda had been formulated by Jesuit priests/Catholic Church. In-fact, the Jesuits formed the first modern intelligence community (during the reformation), by utilizing the confession booth. The Catholic Church operated under the lack of choice, using direct propaganda to persuade and control human populations.

The term propaganda
The term “propaganda” apparently first came into common use in Europe as a result of the missionary activities of the Catholic church. In 1622 Pope Gregory XV created in Rome the Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith.
anarchist23 wrote:To escape from the hypnotic state the television should be binned..
Most of the population are hypnotised, sleep-walking and cannot see outside their conditioned reality-tunnel. When we awaken from this hypnotic state we perceive nothing but myths and superstition.

And you are more astute than the rest of the population??
Besoeker wrote:And you are more astute than the rest of the population??

I have not watched network television in over 20 years, and did not even have a TV in the house for decades (now I sometimes watch DVDs). So, yeah, I am more astute than the rest of the population.
ralfy wrote:"These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America"

http://www.businessinsider.com/these-6- ... ica-2012-6

The media are owned by the rich and privileged, and their core function is to maintain the wealth and privilege of their owners. That is why you will see plenty of sycophancy for rich, greedy takers like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump, etc. in the media, but will never see a genuine challenge to their privilege. A journalist who tries will never work in the media again, and they know it.
Besoeker wrote:And you are more astute than the rest of the population??

I really hope so by now..
With seven grandchildren and five children, loss of two brothers and both my parents, ingestion of "mind expanding" substances, living in many countries and not accepting normality, imprisonment.
"Thinking outside the box" comes to mind.
Most people are straight (not in sexual way).
Besoeker wrote:And you are more astute than the rest of the population??

Interesting choice of words.

By suggesting that anarchist23 has a different opinion than "the rest of the population," you are also saying that this group (the rest of the population) has one single opnion, or shades of one single opinion.

This can only be possible if this group (the rest of the population) have been brainwashed. Otherwise, they would have a wide spectrum of opinions that includes the drugs and life experience-augmented opinions of anarchist23.

So I guess this means that you agree with the thrust of this thread. And if so, what are you going to do about your and the rest of the population's disasterous mental conditioning?
The generation gap isn't social, the generation gap is neurological. How can you subscribe to the Darwinian theory of nature/evolution without recognizing human technology as environmental stimuli? In order for Darwinian theory to unify the field of experience and properly explain evolution, it must address the social-biological environment human technologies must create through our native interface. From our solid genetic hardware, to the newly discovered epi-genetic software, we're nurtured by the nature of technology.

Quantum field theory and critical phenomena illustrates the perpetual flow of information as vibratory process (wave/particle), and from this perspective we may understand that evolution must be motivated by all units of information which pass through time/space. Darwin failed to see the environment as one programmable system of interaction, thus he failed to include human artifacts as biological information loops.

Alas, We are in fact brainwashed and gene-washed by our own artifacts.
Yes. I was generalising. The majority of the population are brainwashed, without a doubt.

Some much more than others.

QatzelOk wrote:what are you going to do about.....the rest of the population's disasterous mental conditioning?

Supplied lots of psychoactive/mind expanding drugs. lol

Drugs work. lol

Turn On, Tune In and Drop Out. lol

Also I have tried my best to enlighten my children in regards the hypnotic conditions we are born into. Kids don't listen but in time they understand that they are born into a corrupt system. My two older kids have both quit their careers and told me that I should be proud of them, which I am.

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