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After viewing Joaquin Phoenix's "I'm still Here," I had to create this thread. This thread is for the cult members, highly motivated somnambulists (Pofo posters), that cling to fixed perspectives and regurgitate yesterday's 'things' or content (pretending to temporarily satisfy the intellectual appetite). Your world is the result of conscious programming, teleprompters & commands (together we shall dance), distributed by social architects. You sleep-walk through today in the name of yesterday. Our future is in the eye of the beholder.

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts,

-William Shakespeare

"Since Sputnik, the planet has become a global theatre under the proscenium arch of man-made satellites. Our psyches acquire thereby a totally new rim-spin. In the world of the new global theatre, everybody has to "do his thing." Role-playing supplants job-holding just as knowledge supplants experience. These richly significant forms are easily obscured and destroyed by the classifiers and moralizers who want to know whether they are a "good thing" or a "bad thing." There are many educated people who consider it a bad thing to study or to understand what goes on in our world."
-Marshall McLuhan, Culture is our Business

I shall suggest that the film, I'm Still Here, is one actor's sociological proof (philosophical thesis in movie form) detailing stagecraft and how easy it may be to program any culture's point of view. ISH is a very potent film because it unveils our culture as one ongoing reaction/information loop (set in motion through ideas, will, and action). We're continuously responding to the stage and its scripted environment, therefore we are reactive puppets involved in the electric field of simultaneous information. In other words- identities are programs scripted through available evidence/resources.

Casey Affleck has admitted that I'm Still Here, his hoax documentary about Joaquin Phoenix, was a "planned, staged and scripted work of fiction" that nearly bankrupted him.

The film charting Phoenix's supposed mental breakdown - complete with drugs, prostitutes, a terrible beard and a bizarre appearance on the David Letterman Show - was revealed last week as a fake.

Affleck said the project was an essay on celebrity culture.

"It was pretty much all within the realm of possibility: people use prostitutes, people use drugs, especially in Hollywood. We didn’t take it so far that it wasn’t believable," he told The Daily Telegraph.

"For me, the film was Dante’s Inferno. Here was a guy midway through his life – Joaquin’s 35 years old – and he just goes down farther and farther into this more and more hideous place until he gets as low as he can possibly go.

"But then he breaks through to the other side and has some sort of redemptive experience – that was the movie, that was my guiding light. Also, this was a movie about a man having a movie made about him."

Affleck spent two years making the film. "Having something at stake is a great motivator and once this thing became public for me that was very helpful because there was no question: I had to see it through, no matter how long it took.

"I went broke. I hadn’t worked for more than a year, and I was pouring money into the movie. I had to stop for a month to do The Killer Inside Me. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to finish the film – I was out of money. There was a lot at stake financially and, if we had left [the hoax] there, it would have been very damaging to Joaquin’s career."

Unfortunately for Affleck, US audiences have not flocked to see the film. I'm Still Here took just $96,658 in its opening weekend. Meanwhile The Town, directed by his brother Ben and released in the same week, has topped the box office.

Asked why he had come clean about the hoax now, Affleck said: "Because I haven’t been able to talk about it for two years, and I wanted people to know this was a planned, staged and scripted work of fiction. I didn’t want to have anyone get the wrong idea about Joaquin or anybody else in the film. I wanted people to see the movie for what it really is.

"My intention was never to fool anybody. There's a big difference between fooling someone and asking them to think."

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/film ... broke.html

Social engineers use real-time theatre (publicly, politically, etc) to program our environment thus culture. The exoteric field of experience is the representation of esoteric process which is projected as our mythic reality. We now live inside the collective mind's imagination, because objective reality be sensitive, classified, and hidden from the general public. We shall continue to misrepresent or transcend the honest & naked man, because we are living through fragments of conventional fiction.

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