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The Immortal Goon wrote:The Founding Fathers specifically singled out Islam as not being alien to the foundation of mission of the United States.

It in no way means that Islam was particularly loved, just that they had no issue with any kind of religious preference in any way whatsoever for a variety of reasons.

This being true, your implied statement that learning from history would teach the opposite rings a certain amount of historiographical irony.
A lot of radical/anarcho liberal indeed saw that perhaps in future Islam and Christianity can live in religious plurality. Thomas Paine comes to mind. This believe and mode of thought still continues on today. And these liberals seem to finally have gotten their chance to put their idealism into practice and experimentation.

Alex recorded everything, lol. Megyn basically serenaded him with sweet nothings. Tried to stroke his ego and patronise him to get the interview any which way. Saw right through it and recorded the whole thing. Lol. ... e710dd6fb7

Forbes thinks Megyn Kelly is just a bad journalist...
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By MB.
I'm not sure why anyone is surprised about anything here. Of course NBC is going to try to do a hatchet job on Jones, they obviously want to protect their reputation as a trust-worthy news source. Alex Jones, as everyone knows, is a crazy conspiracy person, mainly popular with teenagers and senile old people. His lawyers stated during his divorce trial that he considers himself playing a character, as we all saw in the Joe Rogan interview. Basically, Jones detests the hypocrisy of the media, which we saw plainly in evidence in the Megyn Kelly interview: certain subjects are off-topic, others can only be broached with the appropriate moral spin and so on. The mainstream media, which is entirely owned by a few huge multinational companies, clearly has its monopoly on truth to defend. Since Jones runs a shoe-string operation not unlike other outrage media (The Young Turks is the first example that comes to mind), he's essentially just spewing whatever he knows will get ratings. Sometimes he goes to far and gets sued or divorced or is forced to issue a retraction. The fact that media demonizes him really says it all about their concern for their own status as truth-speakers.

That said, Megyn Kelly is correct to point out that Jones has made shit up and is basically a snake-oil salesmen. 1776!

I took particular offence at the suggestion Owen Shoyer isn't a journalist or is some kind of rookie.

That was cringe worthy. Just bad journalism on Kelly's part. Almost Every non-TV journalist does what Shoyer does, looks online finds interesting topics then reports on them. That is still journalism and is the main form of Journalism conducted by opinionated journalists(Radio journalism and Newspaper opinion columnists). He is part of what is ultimately a radio news talk show and is preparing news topics to be discussed on the show. This is most always done on the day of the broadcast as standard.

Lol at Kelly's stupid "The only journalists that matter are Television News Reporters" power trip. Radio(and new media) Journalists have always grabbed the morning paper and basically reported their own personal opinion on whatever's in that....

Now they use the News search on Google as well. Radio Talkback News Shows, been like this since the very beginning.
SpecialOlympian wrote:I, too, am shocked that the Opinions section contains opinions and not bare bones factual reporting.

She didn't present things like that. Your opinion is fine, hers wasn't.

She was trying to make him look like Cletus from the Simpsons and was clearly attempting to put him down by flat out saying "You're not in fact a journalist Cletus"... When anyone with even a passing knowledge in Radio Journalism knows that is exactly how most reporting is done on talkback radio. Most of them just grab the morning papers and improvise from that.

It pains me to say it, but Howard Stern is in fact a radio journalist(a profession known by nickname as a "Shock Jock"). Same as Alex Jones... And of cause Owen.

Maybe Megan should just plain do radio for a while. Seriously if she has such little knowledge of Radio Journalism, maybe she should try it out.
Every time I turn around, I see these two peoples names, but I have no idea who they are. I have always had the impression they were two very biased people and therefore never sought them out.
Am I missing something? Do they have some real insight to offer that would be valuable to me?
Megyn Kelly is a fairly unremarkable journalist who is notable for getting in a fight with Donald Trump, having a few pro-feminist views while she worked at Fox News (Coincidentally, only when they affected her. Think advocating for maternity leave after she got pregnant.), and making the transition from Fox News to another network after Roger Ailes sexually harassed her. I believe she's also one of the more successful journalists out there in terms of pay.

Alex Jones built his career by shouting things that you'd expect to hear from a homeless schizophrenic weaving his way through traffic lanes, but did so with enough charisma to convince idiots to buy marked up vitamins, water filters, and doomsday rations from his website. He is most notable for calling the Sandy Hook school shooting a hoax, which in turn led to his fans harassing families of the children who died there by calling everyone involved crisis actors. A term that means they were hired by the government to stage a crisis, which in the case of Sandy Hook was designed to advance anti-gun laws.

In short, no. They are both worthless. Megyn Kelly can at least be counted on to report actual news while she's sitting behind a desk while Jones is more likely to be screaming about how juice boxes turn frogs gay.
Thanks. I feel better now. We 'olds' have to be careful not to fall too far behind modern times. I have to choose which parts of the modern world I need to ignore to keep my sanity and which parts might keep me sane.
They sound like people I want to ignore.
Alex Jones is the most respectable news source in America. Well under 5 mins of video in total here One Degree it won't take you long to watch it, you might as well watch and decide for yourself rather then letting SO think for you.

:lol: Decky, why would you do that to me? My brain is melting trying to switch back and forth between laughing and crying.
One Degree wrote:@Decky
:lol: Decky, why would you do that to me? My brain is melting trying to switch back and forth between laughing and crying.

Six mins that is worth watching here, he exposes John Kerry for what he really is, believe it or not the first couple of mins is the most reasonable stuff...
Decky wrote:

Six mins that is worth watching here, he exposes John Kerry for what he really is, believe it or not the first couple of mins is the most reasonable stuff...

No more! No more!
I love the subliminal pictures in the background, especially Hitler with Obama. :lol:

This one starts slow but builds to a decent crescendo where he goes into one of his most iconic rants.
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By Dave
The real question is did Alex Jones [email protected]#$ Megyn Kelly? :lol:

I have been an Alex Jones fan since 2014. I always listen to the Alex Jones Show on my long drives. The dude is an amazing entertainer.

His owning of Megyn Kelly is his greatest achievement.

And fuck the Sandy Hook parents. They're a bunch of whingers.

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