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Instead of making a new thread for every event in the growing social media wars and related lawsuits, I thought I'd take the liberty of trying to make a megathread.

One of the latest developments is that Jordan Peterson, a famous conservative professor from Canada, is launching his own social network. Called Thinkspot, it will "only ban people if ordered to do so by a US court." It will also have an upvote/downvote system that sounds similar to Reddit, where things that get too many downvotes will be hidden unless you click them.

What makes this different from other social networks so far I think is that (1) their downvotes system might keep actual Nazis off the platform (Gab has some great ideas but there's too much talk of shekels there for normies) and (2) Jordan Peterson is fairly famous in conservative circles.

The downside IMHO is that the name "Thinkspot" makes it sound like it's going to be pretty similar to Social media is not just about discussion, in fact it's mostly not about discussions. So even with Peterson's backing I don't think this is something to take on Facebook, Youtube et al.
The Goldpill wrote:Very interesting. Twitter seems to be mostly about discussion.

Eh, sort of. I think it attracts people who want to look like they're discussing things but are afraid of not having the character limit. Why aren't those people on Wordpress or something? I think it's mostly dominated by posers.

The interesting thing here is not the requirement for politically neutral content moderation but that apparently, some of the social media people have said that they don't want politically neutral content on their sites yet they still want non-publisher protections.

There's also hearings on Facebook's upcoming cryptocurrency. The article I read on Libra was a real word salad; it said that Facebook is trying to become a "privacy-oriented company" but how does knowing what people spend their money on lead to more privacy instead of less? I hope they shut their cryptocurrency down TBH.
Libra is garbage. It's not even meant for the developed worlds. It's aimed at 'developing markets' with weak fiat currency, such as African countries and countries in dire straights, such as Venezuela. It's also not even a cryptocoin. It's a print-your-own money scam with Facebook acting as central banker. But it's mostly a diversionary tactic used to avoid Facebook stocks from collapsing after the umpteenth privacy failing and the FTC targetting Zuckerberg directly, with a potential billion dollar fine in the works. Just like Facebook 'VR' is basically garbage and was then used to keep the bloated carcass from sinking in the morass.

We're all totally going to hang out in 'Facebook spaces' with our 'VR' goggles. :') How are those 3D movies and televisions working out for everyone, by the way? :lol:

More high level Google people caught on video saying that they are tailoring all Google technology to make sure that Trump loses in 2020 and that a "Trump situation" never occurs again. This is in addition to previous exposes where high level people, including their CEO, have been caught on video saying these things and yet Google continues to deny it.
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I haven't been posting as much lately because I feel as if TDS is not open to debate but this story is pretty shocking. It's now within Facebook's rules to make death threats and threats of "high impact violence" against certain individuals. This apparently includes both classes of individuals and also people whose politics Facebook doesn't like, so that high profile young conservatives like Paul Joseph Watson are now fair game for death threats, even though such threats are basically illegal everywhere.

Hopefully President Trump and/or Congress can take a stand on this because these people have the potential to bite off more than they can chew. It would probably make its way into political debates if the policy isn't rolled back.

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