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It did not call the Soviet Helo "the best in the world" - it wrote "it might be..."

This part is silly

Or America's premiere, the AH-64 Apache, which can be equipped with air-to-air missiles

ANY helicopter can have air-to-air missiles.

And a few of those stats make the Ka-52 seem way better than the Apache or other attack helicopters on paper. For one, the Ka-52's anti-tank missiles can penetrate slightly deeper than the Apache's Hellfire missile. Missiles are generally measured these days by how much armor they can pierce after getting past the explosive armor on an enemy tank.

The Hellfire has nothing to do with the Apache. Missiles are generally measured these days by their legality - regardless of penetration. Further, there is no tank on the battle field with enough armor to survive a direct top-down attack from a hellfire.

Another small point in the Ka-52's favor is that its rockets are a bit larger at 80mm instead of 70mm.

That does not mean they are better.

But in most missions most of the time, the Apache is better. Oh, and the newest Apaches can bring drone sidekicks to the fight, something Russia's bird can't do. So expect it to climb to most people's top spots over the next few years.

Funny how even the Author acknowledges the over-all superiority of the Apache platform. Unless it's trying to kill a boat 80 miles away. The US uses other means for anti-ship attacks.

Would be interesting to know what the Soviet bird can carry besides the Anti-ship missile? If that takes up most of its armament, it'd be a sitting duck or useless for any other purpose until it landed and was re-fitted.

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