COVID-19 Reinfections Are a Thing: Here's What We Know So Far. They happen & can be mild or severe. - Politics | PoFo

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We won't know for sure until more time has passed, but it looks like immunity may only last for a few months. That has implications for the effectiveness of any future vaccine.

In the meantime, many people keep on ignoring the most effective means against the pandemic. A good mask can give you more protection than vaccines and doesn't have any pharmaceutical side-effects.
There are several strains of Covid-19 in a country or region in a particular time period. You can be immune to only one strain of Covid-19 after recovering from it and you are still vulnerable to another strain. There are 4 cases of coronavirus reinfection have been documented in Catalonia, including 2 in doctors. If you are constantly exposed to the virus, you could be reinfected.
What's the reinfection rate? Specificity is around 99% so around 1% of all people tested early in the pandemic (assuming most were in fact healthy, since the pandemic was in its early stages) should have falsely tested positive. After removing those, what percentage reinfected? How many among these have normal immune systems?

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