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Pollution, global warming, urbanisation etc.
Forum rules: No one line posts please.
Environment and Science forum guidelines

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The Guidelines

What is considered an acceptable post, anyhow?

This is not an off-topic forum, nor a forum where one-line posts are tolerated (except in unique circumstances, which the theme of this forum can give birth to – if a one-line post is all that is needed to answer a query that would enable the conversation to continue, I will accept it).


The nature of this forum is such that there are generally two types of threads:

(a) News articles or externally sourced articles pertaining to current trends, events or developments
(b) Areas of interest or debate which have been put-forth for discussion by a user.

The correct sourcing procedure is always as such:

- If you have copied an article from an external source, you must provide a link to the article at its original location.
- If you are using articles for reference, try to only quote the area of interest in your actual post, followed by a link to the whole thing.
- Do not try to pass something off as your own work – if you do, I will delete swiftly.

When making a new thread it is always advisable to see if a similar thread is currently active. Multiple threads with similar subject and source will be merged or deleted to avoid clotting of the forum.

My Edits

Any edits I make to a post will appear in green. Generally, I will only edit a post if it contains something which I deem inappropriate. Do not ever remove my edit and replace what I removed.

If you break these guidelines, I will use my discretion to decide if deletion is appropriate - I will generally only delete a post if it contains personal abuse to another member, or off-topic and immature content.

[Galactus, Edit & Update: I am the current moderator of this forum. My edits in this forum will appear in green.]

[Nets, Edit & Update: I am a current moderator of this forum. My edits in this forum will appear in indigo.]

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