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The Second World War (1939-1945).
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About Adolf Hitler and Serbs

The leader of the Serbian Radical Party, Vojislav Šešelj, stated that Adolf Hitler was the greatest war criminal in the history of mankind, on 6 June 2011 during his trail at the Hague tribunal. The content of this article will provide historical facts, which explain why a great Serbian nationalist leader as Seselj gives Hitler such a qualification. ‬

Colonial history of the Balkans‬

‪It is necessary to take the history of the Balkans into account. That will reveal the root-cause of the problems in the region. The Serbian ethnic and historical territories were colonized by several imperial powers, such as: Austro-Hungary, Venice and Turkey. During the colonization of Serbian lands, the Serbian population was facing hard circumstances. The authorities of the colonial powers imposed their state religion upon the Serbs. During the colonization of Roman-Catholic empires (Hungary, Austria and Venice) local Serbs were forced to accept the religion imposed upon them. ‬
‪On the other hand, the Turks forcibly converted many Serbs to Islam. Following that, Roman-Catholic Serbs and Muslim Serbs have been alienated from their Orthodox Serb brethren. By means of colonial indoctrination, fraud and deception, Roman-Catholic Serbs and Muslim Serbs were assimilated into others nations. That was organized by the state organs of colonial empires along with the Vatican. The Roman-Catholic Church is the world's largest church and has believers amongst all nations, except amongst Serbs. Is it possible that the Vatican was not able to convert a Serbian family since 1054? The Serbs who accepted Roman-Catholicism were gradually forced by the Roman-Catholic authorities to assimilate into the Croatian nation. The colonial powers provoked conflicts amongst Catholic, Muslim and Orthodox Serbs, in order to maintain their influence in the Balkans and secure their imperial aspirations. Colonial powers unleashed the policy of divide and rule. The Catholic and Muslim Serbs have been used as weapons in the hands of colonial powers against the Orthodox Serbs. The Orthodox-Christian Serbs who did not want to accept Catholicism and to assimilate into the Croatian nation (as well as the Roman-Catholic Serbs who did not want to become Croats) were sentenced to physical extermination by Austro-Hungary in WW1 and by Germany in WW2. In both world wars, Croatian and Bosnian Muslim quisling authorities were obligated to conduct genocide against Serbs. The mastermind behind the colonial policy at the Balkans is the Vatican, along with European and overseas colonial powers. ‬

Hitler's policy towards the Serbian Orthodox Church‬

‪Germany's ex chancellor, Adolf Hitler, established preconditions in Yugoslavia which led to genocide of over one million Serbs. Many people do not know that Adolf Hitler was extremely hostile toward Serbs and their Orthodox-Christian religion. Alexander Lehr, Hitler's chief gauleiter of the Balkans sector, confirmed some interesting facts in 1945 after the war. He declared, that Hitler ordered him to bomb the Serbian historical library in Belgrade, which was carried out on 6 April 1941 on Orthodox-Christian Easter, a testament to Germany's hatred of Orthodox-Christianity. The Serbian historical library was an institution which preserved the Serbian national identity. Therefore, it needed to be destroyed, as stated by Alexander Lehr.‬
‪According to the testimony of Lehr, Adolf Hitler ordered him to arrest and imprison the patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Gavrilo Dozic, Serbian bishops: Petar Zimonic and Nikolaj Velimirovic as well as some Serbian monks. Those high ranking members of the Serbian Church were imprisoned in the German concentration camp of Dachau. Such measures by the Germans, once again testify to their hatred of the Serbian Orthodox civilization. When Alexander Lehr was asked why Hitler wanted to imprison the leaders of the Serbian Church, he answered, ''Hitler knew very well that the Serbian Orthodox Church has a great influence on the Serbian people and has been responsible for their biological survival throughout history.''‬

Hitler and Croatia ‬

‪It is a well known fact that Croatia was an ally of the Axis Powers during WW2. ‬
‪However, some important facts concerning Hitler and Croatia have not been revealed by official history. In 1939, the Serbian prince Pavle met Hitler in Berlin. At that meeting Hitler pressured him and the delegation of the government of the kingdom of Yugoslavia to give more rights to separatist Croats and to establish a so-called "Banovina Croatia". Some sources claim, that at that same meeting Hitler also pressured the Yugoslav government to sign a peace agreement with Germany. Hence, the establishment of Banovina Croatia within Yugoslav in 1939 was a result of pressure from Nazi-Germany. The Yugoslav government naively followed Hitler's order and ceded Serbian Krajina and Serbian Bosnia and Herzegovina to Croatia. The creation of Banovina Croatia in 1939, was a step towards the establishment of a fascist Croatian state.

Between 1939 and 1941, Germany and Italy were secretly recruiting, training and arming Croatian paramilitary forces, which would be obligated in assisting the Axis Powers in attacking Yugoslavia. In 1939, the leader of the Croats, Vlatko Macek (the founder of the HSS-party), singed a secret agreement with the Italian minister Grof Can. According to that agreement Italy and Germany armed 300.000 Croats who belonged to the HSS-party. Those Croatian separatist forces attacked the Serbs and the Yugoslav army when Germany invaded Yugoslavia in 1941 on Orthodox Easter. Later, the became the regular army of Pavelic's Croatia. Between 1939 and 1941, Germany and Italy armed 300.000 separatist Croats with the help of Roman-Catholic churches and monasteries, which served as munition sites where arms were stored. Germany and Italy wanted to establish an independent Croatian state after they invaded Yugoslavia. The Germans wanted to install Vlatko Macek, the president of the HSS-party, as the head of the Croatian state. But the Italians and the Vatican advocated for Ante Pavelic's candidacy. Hitler accepted that proposal and installed Ante Pavelic as the leader of the Independent State of Croatia, which incorporated Krajina, Bosnia and Herzegovina and parts of the Serbian province of Vojvodina. Following that, Serbian resistance fighters organised uprisings against the occupiers and their quisling authorities, which introduced laws calling for the physical extermination of the Orthodox Serbs. ‬
‪In late 1942, German generals Alexander Lehr and Herman Neubacher notified Hitler that the Croatian authorities along with Bosnian Muslim SS-divisions, murdered 400.000 Serbian civilians in the Jasenovac death camp alone. Hitler's response to their statements was: ''never mind, the Croats know exactly what they are doing''. With other words, the Croats are fulfilling the colonial plan to exterminate the Serbs. ‬

In W01, biological extermination of Serbs by Germans occurred as well. Austro-Hungary opened 600 camps for Serbs and exterminated between 300.000 and 600.000 Serbs, the exact number has not been confirmed. Austria, a German colonial Empire, led forced conversions of Serbs during its occupation of the Serbian territories: Dalmatia, Lika, Slavonija, Herzegovina, Bosnia, etc. Hungary and Venice did the same during their presence. The purpose of that was to establish pre-conditions for genocide against the Orthodox-Christian Serbs. Within the frame-work of the anti-Serb colonial plan, Austrian Emperor Maria Theresa populated Germans in the Serbian province Vojvodina, Pannonia during the 18th century. Under the rule of Maria Theresa many Serbs were catholized and assimilated into Hungarians, Rumanians, Croats. Adolf Hitler was just fulfilling the pro-German and anti-Slavic colonial plan, as previous German and Catholic colonial Empires had done.

Adolf Hitler about the Cetniks

In the book entitled as ‘’Special Mission Balkans’’, one can find interesting statements and confessions of Nazi-German generals, such as Herman Neubacher . This book can be found in the Belgrade’s library. Nazi general Herman Neubacher stated something interesting about the Serbian nationalist forces, the Cetniks. He confirmed that Hitler rejected all proposals to arm and support Serbian nationalistic forces against the communists. According to him, Hitler personally said: ‘’If we support Serbian nationalists, they will create greater Serbia. The establishment of greater Serbia is against the interests of Germany. Therefore, the Germans must not allow the Serbian nationalistic army to establish greater Serbia, because that will endanger Germany’s interests. It is better for us that the communists take over Yugoslavia, in stead of Serbian nationalists, the Cetniks.’’

The Germans and the Yugoslav communists

The leadership of the Yugoslav communist forces closed agreements with the occupying forces, which the Serbian Cetniks never made.

The seventh communist crime against the Serbian people occurred in the days of March 1943, during the battle on the Neretva or, as the partisans called it, during the fourth enemy offensive, when all the partisans with the Headquarters were jammed into the Neretva Canyon. That was an agreement on the attack between the German command in Zagreb with the General Gleze von Horstenau at the head, and Broz's delegation from the members of the Headquarters, Milovan Djilas, Koca Popovic and Vladimir Velebit (all the three Serbs, Broz's generals and members of the core of headquarters). In this agreement Broz's representatives signed what Draza Mihailovic had never signed with the occupying forces. These are two items: 1) that the principal antagonists and enemies of the partisans are not the Germans, but the Serbian Chetniks, and 2) if the English embarked on the Adriatic Coast, the partisans would fight together with the Germans against them and their allies – the Chetniks.

Nazi-Croatia and the Vatican

‪According to USA data obtained after WWII, more than 1400 catholic priests in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina personally tortured, killed, raped and forcefully converted Serbs to Catholicism. The International Commission for the Truth on Jasenovac managed to collect 1171 names of such priests. Catholic nuns were not included in this number.

Many Catholics voted for Hitler’s party in Germany in the 30s. The Vatican gave a great contribution to the victory of Hitler’s party.

The colonial plan to exterminate the Serbian Orthodox civilizations on the Balkans

One can draw the conclusion, that the colonial powers organized the biological exterminations of the Orthodox Serbs. The Western media portrays the Balkan conflicts as conflicts between primitive nations who want to exterminate each others. In fact, the Serbian territories were colonized by foreign powers and the local Serbian population was forcibly converted into the religion of the occupying forces. The Catholic and Muslim Serbs have been alienated from their Orthodox Serbian brethren. Such policy was run by colonial powers throughout the middle ages.
The Catholic Serbs were forced to reject their Serbian nationality and assimilate into the Croatian nation. In 1900, at the first Croatian Catholic congress in Zagreb, the roman pope instructed the catholic clergy to convince the Catholic Serbs that they belong to the Croatian nation and not to the Serbian nation. By means of a colonial engineering, frauds and indoctrinations, the Catholic Serbs (the same counts for the Muslim Serbs) alienated from the Orthodox Serbs and assimilated into other nations. Those assimilated Serbs were used by colonial powers to participate into the biological extermination of the Orthodox Serbs in W01, W02 and during the collapse of Yugoslavia from 1990 to 1995. The Serbian language has been the official language of Croatia since the end of the 19th century. That is a result of colonial manipulation because it is known that the distinct Croatian language exists. The colonial Empire Austria forbade the use of the distinct Croatian language and falsely termed the Croatian distinct language as the Chakavian dialect since the end of the 19th century. The Croats were forced to adopt the language of the Catholic Serbs, which has been falsely termed as the Croatian Stokavian dialect. The purpose of this was to convince the Roman-Catholic Serbs that they speak with the Croatian language and that they are Croats, not Serbs. These purple marked areas used to speak the so called Kajkavian dialect, which is actually the true Croatian language.
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