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The Second World War (1939-1945).
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ThirdTerm wrote:The redeeming quality of Communism was anti-racism
Communism can be credited with far more than anti-racism. It had also outpaced the west in gender equality and has helped revive and modernize economies. For an incomplete list communism has:
    Cold War/general
  • turned backward Russia into a superpower
  • ended China’s era of decline
  • inspired reform in capitalism
  • Inhibited colonialism and racism, especially in the west
  • Introduced the concept of gender equality in the workplace, as well as provide women rights
  • Forced the west to fund social welfare programs
  • Has supported popular, often democratic movements (i.e. the republicans in spain)
    Soviet Union
  • First country to legalize abortion
  • Almost single-handedly took down the Nazis (the east front was the site of at least 80% of WWII)
  • Enacted vacation time
  • First nation in space
  • Collectivized, better managing food during time of famine
  • Built the economic infrastructure that makes China so powerful today
  • Much of the same as the USSR
  • Enacted cruel, but effective population control
  • Has the world's highest literacy rates
  • Is a disproportionate contributor to medical research
  • Essentially eliminated child malnutrition
  • Is the world's only 100% sustainable nation

Also the atrocities are somewhat overstated. The US has been manipulating with public perception of, say Stalin, for decades. During WWII, they downplayed his actions to gain support for allying with the USSR, then started going in the other direction once the cold war started. Nowadays, historians agree on a figure closer to ~15 to 20 million rather than 60 million. However, as the historians admit, this assumes that almost everyone who was arrested died, and Stalin is responsible for every famine death. Yet, a very large portion of all people arrested survived, and Stalin's policy of collectivization and rapid industrialization helped ease, not harshen famines. Furthermore, communist leadership did not include the extreme cult of personality that is often picture in western societies. For example,
Chairman Mao wrote:Quite a few comrades always keep their eyes shut and talk nonsense, and for a Communist that is disgraceful… Of course we should study Marxist books, but this study must be integrated with our country’s actual conditions. We need books, but we must overcome book worship.
Here Mao denounces a cult based on communism and promotes a more practical style of problem-solving. Furthermore, many of his contemporary critics admitted that Mao understood the need for input and creative thinking.

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