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The First World War (1914-1918).
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By MB.
Did you finish the book?
By pugsville
Yes, I thought it sounded pretty reasonable enough the basic argument is the Schliffen plan was in part a myth in that Schliffen didnt have a single monolithic plan that he was much more flexible with some sort of "no fixed plan motto". His sucessors just took the last pln he wrote nd kept it current without any real understanding of strategic questions. Key to scheliffen's outlook was fighting manourve battles near one's own rail heads rather than deep penetrations of opposing terrority. I returned to full time work from study and no longer have borrowing privaledges at the major universities, so I didnt really complete the reading of more veiws around the german strategic planning. Zuber seems to be at odds with the "accepted" view of german pre WW1 planning, I was deeply curious if anyone had read Zuber and what their opinion of his view was. IT seems reasonable and credible (he gives references to a lot of documentation but it's not like I got the time to start going after that and I dont speak much german)

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