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The First World War (1914-1918).
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I wouldn't care, bunch of lizard German welfare queens. Sadly there would be plenty more aristocrats where they came from to replace them.
Rich wrote:The rest of Europe had nothing to gain by a war and bent over backwards to avoid oneThat's got to be one of the most bare faced lies in history. Bismark's treaty of 1871 was incredibly generous to the French. It still left them with huge gains from their centuries of terrorist aggression since the partition of Burgundy. Germany had no interest in attacking France, while from that day France constantly conspired to attack Germany. They formed an alliance with the brutal reactionary, Tsarist terrorist regime that cruelly suppressed and exploited not only the Russian people but the Poles, Balts and Finns. They did everything possible to fan war, giving the Tsarist tyrant a blank check for any kind of aggression against Austria and Germany. Russia passed on the blank check to Serbia.

I wonder how the British would have felt if Charles and Diana had been cruelly gunned down by Serbian murderers.

Lollerz. Wasn't this a Peter Sellers movie? Nah, I think it was the Marx Bros., or Chaplin's. We all know exactly who was vocally and loudly unhappy with the status quo at the time, and who spent his entire time as the head of the military and foreign policy establishment of Germany insanely wrecking the balances, which is too bad for your ludicrous spin. At least you avoided throwing in the Rothschild and 'Da JOOOOOOS! into this macabre bit of humor.

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