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'Cold war' communist versus capitalist ideological struggle (1946 - 1990) and everything else in the post World War II era (1946 onwards).
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Everything that we have built since World War 2 is under threat. Let us not fall to the rivalry and animosity that has cost us so dearly in the past!

Watch this video about European achievements after World War 2:
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By MB.
Thankfully the despicable pan european movement was a failure and thus no one can possibly watch this propaganda video series without laughing at its pathetic naivety. European bankruptcy, Russian invasion, American withdrawal, and to see the Pan-Europeanists taking credit for in any way preventing war or having anything to do with the European community is highly amusing. Truly laughable.

I don't know who you are or who is paying for the production of these Pan-European video series you've made, but they're completely futile.

Is this a class project to make a video series about a topic that interests you? Do you represent anti-immigration racists? Are you Murasame's puppet account? Are you being paid by the European Commission to conduct a viral advertising campaign? I have so many questions about the origin of your propaganda and why you've decided to spread it here.

Your twitter account (https://twitter.com/EuropeanPan) seems to be a cesspool of vitriol promoting the militarization of Europe, mainly in response to Russian aggression which you are correctly terrified of. Hilariously your propaganda videos triumph NATO militarism but then you denounce Turkish entry into the EU.

PEM wrote:Yes, Europeans conquered most of the planet

You seem to be very interested in this particular point. I wonder why?

Who do you possibly imagine you are fooling?

Your avatar also violates the forum rules.
Firstly, I want to thank you for watching our videos, they seem to have made a deep impression on your being. Seeing how triggered you got, they might not have been so lauighable after all.

As for who we are, what we stand for and what we are trying to accomplish, I'd like to direct you to our main principles:

It might come as a surprise to you, but there are still proud Europeans left that want to stand up for the defense of their continent,
while still upholding their intrinsic values.

Seeing as the unity and coherence of our Union is threatened from every side, yes, ofcourse we support increasing military spending and ofcourse, we are starkly against accession of the islamist dictatorship of Turkey to the European Union.
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By MB.
You failed to explain how you can possibly reconcile Turkey's NATO membership with your desire to prevent Turkish entry to the EU. Do you also support expelling Turkey from NATO? Your use of the term 'triggered' amused me. Clearly I am not talking to a vast government sponsored organization, but rather to one disgruntled, likely German, nationalist.
By Decky
The EU is just another name for the German empire. Take your 4th Reich somewhere else.
Best would be if Turkey left NATO, especially considering the recent turn that the country has made to Islamist despotism and the stark anti-Western rhetoric that its leaders constantly portray. After all, NATO is suppossed to be a collection of cooperating modern liberal democracies.

We are indeed not a vast governement organization, but neither just one person. We are a growing international political initiative and the fact that you assumed that we were funded by the EU, we consider as a compliment.
Here's hoping that Erdogan makes true on his bluster regarding the Lausanne treaty and invades Rhodos. :excited: That would give Greece a reason to finally use its nice ships they got from us.
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By MB.
PEM wrote:Best would be if Turkey left NATO

I agree, Turkey would do much better aligned with Putin. Clearly such a scenario would only strengthen NATO's ability to defend against hybrid war in Ukraine and the Baltic. You seem rather unconcerned about the actual NATO military situation vis-a-vis Russia, despite the likelihood of American appeasement of Putin, which, oddly, is one of the tenets you have used to justify European re-militarization, through your neo-imperialism advocacy group. Who do you think is going to pay for European re-armament?
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