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'Cold war' communist versus capitalist ideological struggle (1946 - 1990) and everything else in the post World War II era (1946 onwards).
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Oxymandias wrote:@MB.

I am aware of the Anglo-Zulu War. I learned about it ever since noir brought it up. I tried to verify the stuff he said, however although he got the basic framework down that there was a war between the Zulu and the British, he certainly over-simplified and left out many things. Suntzu's statements are purely false. I asked him for sources just to prove another point, that Suntzu won't ever give sources due to sources not giving him the validation he wants.

I'm not here to do your research. I can't help it if your education is lacking. The Voortrekers were moving inland (north) and the Zulu empire was expanding south which resulted in the Zulu wars. You might want to do some reading on the Boer Wars and see how the Brits were treating the South Africans.

On a side note, in the Shirley Temple movie, Little Miss Sunshine, they make reference to the Boer War.

You have an obligation to back up your own claims. However none of that proves that there were no blacks in South Africa. The Zulu Kingdom in general also lived in what is present day South Africa. Not only that, but there were several kingdoms which lay in South Africa outside of the Zulu for example the Kingdom of Mutapa or the Kingdom of Mapungubwe.

Stop trying to change the subject.
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