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End of Roman society, feudalism, rise of religious power, beginnings of the nation-state, renaissance (476 - 1492 CE).
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By Ter
That's a long time ago, man.

You tell us, how were they treated ?

By justathought
haha. Ya you are right! I've got to do my reading first. I will let you know though very soon .... :)
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By danholo
I think it's something like uphill, downhill, uphill etc.
By Social_Critic
Spain didn't exist in the Medieval times. At the time, it was a series of kingdoms and califates and principalities. A sort of union came to be when the Muslims were defeated in the late 15th century. If you are interested in the treatment of Jews in what is known today as Spain, you would have to define it as the treatment of Jews in Cordoba, in Granada, in Seville, in Castille, in Aragon, and Asturias, and Catalonia, and etc etc.
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By AlexHarrison
The Jews were persecuted by most major powers back in those days, but yes Spain was not a united country; I believe the Moors had control of the Granada/Valencia areas and the "Spanish" controlled Leon and it's modern capital Madrid.
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By QatzelOk
While the Muslim Abrahamics had been kind and open to the Jewish Abrahamics (within a framework of protective social rules), the Christian Abrahamics were a bit too devout in their dedication to being "the chosen ones" and were much less tolerant of other social moralities.

One reason they couldn't co-exist with other groups because they were living such miserable and controlled lives under their God-like Elites. The God-like Elites required foreign enemies to deflect attention from their own domestic atrocities.

These God-kings were pretty close to the opposite of tolerant, because they were so paranoid.

And so, Christian Europe finally took shape, like a kitsch re-invention of the Old Testament.
By Social_Critic
I'm living in Spain, and I've been reading history books to get up to speed. It seems to me they were keen on controlling the country under a central power, the Church was the backbone of the control structure. But Jews and Muslims were a factor they couldn't control via the Church. Don't forget they had conquered the muslim controlled south using religion as a driving force, and they saw Jews as the Muslims' allies. So it was pretty straightforward for them to order everybody to convert or else.

Yesterday I went to a catholic church to see how it works (I'm not Christian), and it was evident, listening to the sermon, the church is still fighting to keep as much control as possible, while secular forces are slowly making it increasingly irrelevant. The church was packed, but it was a very holy day for them, it was the anniversary of the resurrection of Jesus.

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