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End of Roman society, feudalism, rise of religious power, beginnings of the nation-state, renaissance (476 - 1492 CE).
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I've been doing some serious reading on the end of Roman Britain and the beginning of the various successor states, and it is quite interesting, because it knocks on the head an awful lot of what we were taught. 'The Romans', for instance, did not 'withdraw the legions to defend Rome' or whatever - the British claimant for the Principate (would-be Emperor) Constantine 111 pulled out some troops - as had many before - and the British authorities got so fed up they kicked out his - and the Empire's only - bureaucrats and set up on their own, as four independent, though still essentially Roman - provinces. The population was MUCH bigger than we've been led to believe - estimates based on archaeology are now getting up to figures as high as six million, which it was going to take a very long time to get back to. What caused the major problem was over-exploitation of the land (to pay taxes for a Roman army that didn't do much good) which, when there was a disastrous change in the climate after 410, caused disaster. As to the Anglo-Saxon hordes, studies of boats, cemeteries and the like suggest there were as few of them as 10,000, and certainly nothing like 100,000. I'd be glad to share material from the books I've been reading if people doubt this: they have certainly interested me.
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By Figlio di Moros
I'm sorry, what are you getting at?
By Kynaston+1
What am I getting at? Historical truth, I suppose. I don't really understand the question. What are YOU getting at?
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By Prosthetic Conscience
Well, you could at least share the names of the books and authors. Then we'd be able to find summaries of their theses, criticisms and so on. I haven't heard of Romano-Britons kicking out the Empire's bureaucrats and declaring independence.
By Kynaston+1
The last one I read was A.S. Esmonde Cleary's 'The Ending of Roman Britain', and I've almost finished the (rather more exciting) Michael E. Jones's 'The End of Roman Britain'. The former was published by B.T. Batsford Ltd in 1989, the latter by Cornell Paperbacks in 1996. The kicking out of the Roman authorities is given in Zosimus.

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