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End of Roman society, feudalism, rise of religious power, beginnings of the nation-state, renaissance (476 - 1492 CE).
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After the Gokturks (blue-Turks) defeat against the countless Chinese hordes, many Turkic generals in exchange for their families freedom and liberty were taken captive or were forced to serve and lead Chinese armies, but something peculiar happened, an unexpected quest began at that moment when Kursad, a Turkic prince serving the Chinese emperor decided to flee to his homeland and greet his family.

It is from that moment Kursad, a great and proud general thought of a plan which involved him and forty of his fierce Turkic warriors to kidnap the Chinese emperor who walked every night at a certain time, Kursad who had been given duties in the Chinese army had lived in the same settlement as the emperor, hence knew tonnes of much about the enemy, "know your enemy" as Sun Tzu said.

The adventure began as Kursad with his forty brave knights rode on horses as fast as the wind, as agile as a shooting star and so at last Kursad and his 40 warriors reached the settlement but ill news descended from the sky, the Sky God turned all favours towards the Chinese, rain started pouring down like water on rock forcing the Chinese emperor to shelter in his palace which made things complicated for Kursad and his army of yigits. Kursad now had two choices, flee to fight another day or storm the temple as soon as possible in order to try and kidnap the emperor and free the old Turkic prince, having little time to decide, Kursad reacted fast and umpired to storm the temple which was heavily guarded and fortified.

One of the Chinese guards who was observing the scenery from the West tower of the palace asked his comrade, "It's the first time in a while since it rained", the comrade looked at him and said "The sky god isn't happy", then the soldier replied "what is the....." and suddenly Turkish arrows rained at the guards like East meeting West. After all the guards in the watch tower of the palace had been neutralised, Kursad and his 40 warriors sneaked into the palace but from the rolling of heads and the free fall of Chinese bodies, within a few minutes it was obvious to the Chinese emperor that Turks were storming his palace, so was quickly escorted out and escaped with the fastest horses from the lesser gate.

In the mean time Kursad and his men slaying many guards found the old Turkish prince dead in a prison cell, it was believed that the old Turkish prince committed suicide two days ago due to the dishonour and shame he had of being captured by the Chinese. In principle Kursad's plan failed and Kursad could not take the dishonour, he did not want the brave soldiers wielded with bronze and golden armour and slick helmets dying due to his own incompetence put onto the table thanks to the unluckiness of the weather. So Kursad decided to abandon the mission and escape home to re-organise and live to fight another day.

Kursad and his knights killing a few more guards on their way quickly escaped the palace and settlement, they all mounted on their horses and started riding as fast as they could and to make things worse the Chinese horde was right behind Kursad. After minutes of riding the rain started getting worse, thunder could be heard from miles away, horses were becoming tired and the Chinese horde were only couple dozens of metres behind Kursad, after the great retaliation the bridge transcending to safe lands was finally closing in, passing the bridge meant a successful rally and a message that even Turks can make an emperor bleed and get away with it......but the rain and storm was so severe that before Kursad and his knights could escape into their own territory, the bridge collapsed, it is at that moment history is written, the Chinese horde of at least one thousand men are right behind Kursad when Kursad looks at his men and says "It is time to die and fight for our families and peoples, Turk, let the world remember us today, let our actions and heroism echo in eternity! Kursad and his men charged towards the Chinese horde with their terrible passion, fury and Turkic power, blades clash, helmets break, shields shatter, hundreds of Chinese men fall with only a few Turkic casualties, the Chinese send a reserve from the West, Kursad see's the Chinese West flank army and orders to charge the archers, at that moment, everything around Kursad and his brave knights turn into slow motion, a grey cloud covers Kursad and his knights, next second, Kursad and his warriors become fallen heroes from hundreds of Chinese arrows. In response, the Chinese emperor orders the corpse of Kursad to be broken into pieces and every part of his body hanged on public places where Turks live. Since Kursad's assault, it is said that no Chinese emperor walked outside for 40 years and no citizen of the Chinese empire was allowed to walk at nights.


A bit of true Turk-Turkic history for you people.


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