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Early modern era & beginning of the modern era. Exploration, enlightenment, industrialisation, colonisation & empire (1492 - 1914 CE).
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Bought What God Hath Wrought today.

"In a book that every student of American history and politics should read, Howe synthesizes a broad range of historical scholarship to produce an overview of this crucial era that is lucid, sensible, entertaining, and revealing. It is, in short, everything a work of historical scholarship should be."
https://www.foreignaffairs.com/reviews/ ... -1815-1848

This era is a gap in my history. I know more, a lot more about the Renaissance, than this transitional era in America.

Turns out there is a lively debate among historians about how to look at it.

"Howe writes from “within the bourgeois middle-class culture,” Sellers scoffed, while his own (presumably more Waldenesque) life had taught him that “relations of capitalist production wrench a commodified humanity to relentless competitive effort and poison the more affective and altruistic relations of social reproduction that outweigh material accumulation for most human beings.”

Or something like that.

"Stuff was cheaper: a mattress that cost fifty dollars in 1815 (which meant that almost no one owned one) cost five in 1848 (and everyone slept better)"
https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2007 ... st-designs



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