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Early modern era & beginning of the modern era. Exploration, enlightenment, industrialisation, colonisation & empire (1492 - 1914 CE).
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knowing that freemasonry is *luciferianism which is rarely admitted openly by this religion [1][1] but can be caught from their symbology (check the spoiler in the next footnote) [1][1] altho as religion is concealed for most of the members in its true teaching available only to the elite adepts [1][1] in a way freemasonry is public recruiting circle for rosicrucians tho this would be topic in the next post ...

    1. then its first goal would be *decristianization of the masses in their euroatlantic realm, what actually started with introduction of *secularism after establishing the fake liberation through the introduction of *republicanism mids the enlightenment wake, yet coz that havent been effectuated easily and Christianity survived the next step was weakening the moral among masses through consumeristic *decadence so from side Christians would be tempted to embrace forgetfulness for Salvation and normally would never question any neopagan agenda among which ultimate would be the enlightenment dream for creating heaven on earth i.e. the infamous *new world order, an n'w'o for which so Christianity would be suppressed in motion is *universalism [1][1] as religious glue for that same order, what actually mids the Christendom is pushed through *ecumenism as first phase [1][1] pushed through wcc [1][1] and altho this part of the process is crucial yet ...

2. ... now more important thing is the shift from nationalism to *supranationalism i.e. *globalism that on west will be completed after eventual european federalization and day after merger with usA and Canada [1][1] what eventually could be achieved easily through authoritarian*technocracy mids the next economic depression ...

    3. what is interesting tho is that as result of their *humanism popped up the inertia also for superhumanity except the need for their'new'atlantis, which lust first was standardized as *darwinism while later evolved in *eugenics and reshaped further after ww2 as *behaviorism eventually later upgraded to *transhumanism for what I've made intro thread on DTT tho which can be extra further elaborated so one can understand that per'se transhumanism is just one reflex of futurism which became trend also for many nonfreemasons [1][1]
Freemasons were an early attempt to form a workers union. Nobles of the time would pass laws setting salaries and then prohibiting workers from leaving to some place they could get a decent wage.
yeah freemasons were syndicalists among the aristocracy, probably decent wage was obtained working as banker :) @late I see you are rejecting again the ideological basis in crucial aspects again [1] now even when talking about particular antichristian religion, almost as you want to throw defocusing spamming touch , tho its arguable that mids freemasonry mammonism is huge trend for securing leveled servitude but for sure not egalite (in their liberal brotherhood even tho they imply (but false) equality), otherwise we wouldnt see hidden gnostic religion, also dont confuse british nobles with european one, definitely the later were more strongly prone to royalism altho for both esoteric mindset was rule of thumb, still its fact that those gnostics got independence in uk, altho they were rooted by and from germany i.e. protestantism should be obvious link [2] in the end uk became proxy if not else as esoteric safehouse for the northern rosicrucian infiltration on the island which was secured as from religious so as from economic but also social aspect even culturally if we accept for true the idea that there was in place local liberal medieval agitprop as shakespearean band [2]

in all this as plain esotericism (aside the defragmented and spinned christian vibe among commoners as protestantism) indeed there was rosicrucianism as elite esoteric circle among brits, even reached to higher standardization through francis bacon and his new atlantis, yet so the elite would make own devotees they erected freemasonry, hm maybe per'se as counterpart to the vaticans religious orders, eventually freemasonry became recruiting center for those that were hungry for neopaganism in a way becoming footarmy of the northern european esoteric elites!
in the next link there is nice explanation for this theory that even nowadays is myth for many, but one needs just to follow the symbols and will come to the clues! [3][3]

its interesting that if freemasonry is secrete in secrete based neopagan religion then how concealed and hidden is rosicrucianism as its conceiver, lets say its word for alchemic monasticism from the same neopagan cauldron, but hidden enough so it would not attract extra attention, tho through the past centuries there is extra evidence that the same cult was live and thriving [4] so its cult within cult that yet was shape'shifting as there was need mids all bursting of neopaganism as in europa so as in america [5] and what to say except that western neopaganism is very real ideological motor behind the scenes till these days, usually I am recognizing the same as agenda pushed by the euroatlantic determinists, which as already pointed earlier has prime goal dissolution of Christianity as opponent to it, hm its better to simplify so I'll point to their roots further i.e. rosicrucianism and its freemasonry as european neopaganism are heavily influenced by european kabbalism which is successor of the earlier pagan mazdaism i.e. zoroastrianism - which as such was introduced through the khazar spread in europe altho it glued to the prevalent dualistic trends as catharism (which tho as derived from paulicianism is also successor of mazdaism) yet made huge impact that changed even judaism itself if we know that khazars syncretized judaism and mazdaism which could be seen by various teachings and rituals [6][6][6] that as dualistic was rejected by the semitic jews tho [7][7][7][8][8][8] , anyway an esoteric knowledge also known as arkana later broadened by some rosicrucians through hinduism too [9][9] that eventually could be seen as groundwork for further loosening of the Christian Masses by culture shift through the new age trend in whole past century [9]

as I said just follow the symbols altho one need to skip the mainstream explanations [10] dont forget idealism drives this world and it wont be hard to grasp the connection [11][11][11][11]
i'll admit my past reasoning on this topic is fragmented [1] but hope this thread can serve as defragmentation ... consequently that could lead to narrowing half millennia western european history to simple points like surge of neopaganism with enlightenment standardization of its goals and agenda, and like this I am offering one general theory that points easily who is who in the mediveal european power struggle mosaic, altho the same if compared to the prevalent mainstream one is even more than postrevisionistic coz simply there are many conspy tesseras thus till this world is kneeling at the current edu culoars [2] the same will be at best rejected as hypothetical thesis, hm at worst labeled as fairytale, yep otherwise many modern history books should be rewritten, technically huge task and practically complex reassessment of huge pile of fake or false sources altho even now is known that the same is real occurrence in european historiography [3][3] especially knowing that not just winners but also looser were slipping own narrative so at least the proper context is skewed if now twisted, here only mistake would be this kind of theory to be used for labeling coz one cant never know for sure whether some cult or elites are the original protagonists or the same were implanted to spread confusion or stir the events by the freemasonic opposition eg, there is good ground for claiming that illuminati are vaticans skim yet the same rests rather on assumptions than particular evidence, especially problematic to prove whether from start the same was case coz weishaupt was educated earlier by jesuits or coz particular connections his band was infiltrated later [4][4] but again the prevalent theory also sounds compelling too [4][4] yet so I am aware that fingerpointing is not useful method, yet if we want to be clear what really happened then every possibility should be examined even conspiracies [5] maybe also variables like shifting esoteria and spirituality should be calculated too coz defacto there were different factions as mids freemasons so as mids european royal clans so we can just hope that the true pieces will fell in the right place ...

    what is interesting when seen like this the european earlymodern history is the political evolution and how the same was hostage to the same neopgan momentum through the european elites directly or indirectly, its almost mythical conspiracy as clash between the good and evil altho many followers of the neopagan path were/are convinced they are making favor to humanity, yeah till homosillicone reality dont wakes up to the fullness of abomination of the fallen humanistic spirit, utopianism no, fraudalism for sure [6]

also think as historic topic the popular ideological goals of freemasonry like chasing egalite in form of "brotherhood of all men" is just agitprop hook what eventually proved itself fake day after the french revolution, tho still globalism is used as western liberal meme altho its path that leads towards authoritarian technocracy that wont and finally cant accept diversity nomatter the premise, simply too much power control and influence is in question so people would have even choice even less freely to decide how to what and whom will give their consent, we on west we are fooled to believe in fictional liberation from the oppressive Christian Church in the past, what to some extent is true for vaticans pontiffs but they are not per'se Christianity but usually european southern elites stamp who while hiding behind the "holy see" are trying to keep own power share!
in the preceding to the last post I've point to the crucial neopagan links that led to freemasonic syncretism later i.e. kabbalism and catharism tho think they should be elaborated further so it could be seen that the neopagan inertia was almost for one millenia evolving process on european soil than some burst of elitist exceptionalism used just as means for overthrowing the southern alliance and its grip on vatican!

    I'll point to their roots further i.e. rosicrucianism and its freemasonry as european neopaganism are heavily influenced by european kabbalism which is successor of the earlier pagan mazdaism i.e. zoroastrianism - which as such was introduced through the khazar spread in europe altho it glued to the prevalent dualistic trends as catharism (which tho as derived from paulicianism is also successor of mazdaism)

after Christianity became prime religion on the european soil, altho pagan cults still existed here and there in some form, what surfaced as prime opposition day after was dualistic manichaeism what actually is refurbished zoroastrism which entered through two sides from black sea, in the first millennia by paulicians through balkan while in the second millennium by khazars through caucasus after khazars merged with judaism [1][1] and were expelled by kievan rus westwards in eastern europe where became known as ashkenazi jews which by the teuton'zionist theory [1][1] were the prime influencers of the northeuropean neopagans through introduction of the zoroastrian kabbalah which became rosicrucian root right after, still it was also word for complex syncretization of neopagan cults or reasoning even by peers from vatican universities contributed [1][1] to all that alchemy predominantly coz the venetian grip on vatican [1][1] logically venetians as merchants assured the path for many forbidden books from middle east with pagan aegean persian or egyptean esoteric past to end up in hands of the lusty renaissance aristocracy , altho even earlier dualism was popping out on south and the spark defacto was the byzantine expulsion of paulicians [1][1] who first were resettled from armenia to macedonia [1][1] where they've been tagged as bogomils [1][1] while after their further expulsion from balkans to north first bosnia then further to europe became known as patarens [1][1] and later cathars [1][1] and to be even more interesting as dualists they didnt made just standardization like freemasonry as official religion later, but in meantime were trying to attack Christianity directly by constructing myth which on top will serve for extra defocusing purpose so Christians would join them in their apostasy [1][1] yep the rogue templars tried to establish quick spinn but the same even nowadays is ineffective because simply Our Almighty Lord Grace is invoked restored and shared by Praising Jesus Christ as Part Of Divine Trinity ...
The Freemason conspiracy shit is funny as fuck.

Today, Freemasons are just a bunch of dudes that get together to socialize and occasionally do charity and shit. They add the secrecy/ritual stuff simply as a means to give its members something to work towards. It also helps filter out people that would not really engage in the organization. That is to say, they want members that will actually engage and not be lazy. Having the rituals/tests/etc. is a good way to separate people that are really going to be engaged, from those that won't. No one wants a slacker in their org.

I like the Freemasons because we live in an age where more and more men are lonely and don't have camaraderie in their lives. Men are becoming increasingly isolated. You can have a fucking awesome relationship with your wife, kids, parents, siblings, etc., but there is nothing that can replace "the boys". This gives that to a lot of men.
Rancid your point is almost cheerful even for 19th century, yeah social clubbing which final goal is chit chat, hm, I'll banalize national socialism eg. is also beautiful idea, yet in hand of neopagans like hitler the same became monster, its same with freemasonry and capitalism or tomorrow socialism, defacto they are luciferins and their first phase had have been finished i.e. removing royalism by republicanism and silencing Christianity through secularism. so as religion and movement now normally dont have the same momentum as earlier and mostly functions as traditional folc club, yet as footsoldiers of the highest euroatlantic neopagan adepts they are still active if not else in servitude towards the banc'corp'elite, its almost rule of tumb that all western politicians clans and proxies on west are obligated to bow and ask for blessing from those neopagans so they would thrive longer, and almost as in its beginnings freemasonry is eliitist religion where the true meaning and dogmas are revealed only to few the rest yeah they are spiritual hobos!

thus Christians should always be reserved and skeptical when they come across neopagans and especially freemasons simply coz their knowledge secrecy, and normally having always on mind where we live and how we are warned by The Biblical Revelation ...

and if I trivialize further I can compare freemasonry to lost cause on this world, yet that dont means one dont have free will and cant dive in, hm so watch yourself when such deep dive is suggested as social surface waterpolo, dont forget on the sharks and the rest sea monsters too :)
in the 6th post I am pointing how the european neopagans surfaced on the scene, but we need to acknowledge that the same momentum opened door for reviving too of all local demonic esoteric traditions, so the thirst for paganism wasnt narrowed to dualism but exploded right after if not simultaneously in polytheism, simply european elites were drawn to lust for the already suppressed and forbidden fallen knowledge, and as I am suggesting for that as path towards renaissance by rediscovering of the ancient mysteries and cults prominent role had have venetians , and that actually shaped the alchemic trend for gnosticism neoplatonism hermetism and ultimately sabeism i.e. luceferianism standardized as freemasonic religion, in different terms their demiurge is light bearer and portrayed either as isis or prometheus (tho rarely ra or appolo) thus its not word for reviving of some ancient heliolatric cult but forcing sabeanism as prime pivot for worshiping of the stars, some will say heliolatry fells in the same cauldron but think if that was case other stars would be below on the freemasonic worship scale and undoubtly the sun would be emphasized as idol, on contrary sirius is worshiped [1][1] actually in question is revival of pagan astrology cults as worshipers of stars [2][2] tho that is more pronounced only by pike among their peers [3][3] what logically was more doable later on the american continent where freemasons made own free state (albert pikes dogmas) while in europe coz the wide spread of Christianity they had need to keep their truth of their worship concealed and revealed step by step till particular adept is ready to shift to neopaganism, think thats why were used even biblical allegories so aristocracy with christian affiliation would be lured easily, anyway the very same secrecy of their religion led to all the mess later where 'altho sabeans and magi in question' masses recognize them as philanthropists from social clubs [4] hm probably people are not aware how the spiritual world works (isnt Said In The Revelation Word for those that are tagged with particular marks), so in same manner when freemasons established republicanism they thrown stars on every flag where they could, hek even later the tradition followed eg. nato as their war dog is tagged also with star (check the quoted "star gyronny" footnotes in the next one) [5] was that mistake or accident, hm think its word for kind of esoterical belonginess ritual if not spiritual tag [6]

    its strange how scholars are refusing to connect the dots, maybe obsessing issue is in question, maybe its word for threats, stil its slippery thing when one will find how the very same neopagan tradition is still alive, on top when its seen that is word for religion (rituals and dogmas) then probably many would chill out if not step back, yeah few (mostly their members and earlier researchers)[6] would risk mids freemasonic capitalism [6][6][6] to suggest here all your modern political and cultural marks are pagan one, even myself when I am demystifying like this these topics I'm on constant pressure and molesting by the local stooges among the secrete service for what already I've bragged on local forum (what lasts since 2007 when opened the antiotanization blog) [7] but thats only pressure releaser while the slips still continue, hope I'll flyway from here coz most of my friends and family (also molested in one or another way coz me) dont have the same patience and endurance like me, for what surely and only devoted Christian Inchurched Life can help, otherwise one will slip easily if not else then on hedonism if not materialism on top egoism as traps for every soul in this world ~ what about those that are debunking euroatlantic neopagans and their stooges agendas means spins etc. normally they would be attacked extra by the fallen spirits if not their luciferians, thus their debunkers need to have assured spiritual shield as Christians ... [8]

in the last 3rd and the last 6th footnote is suggested how aegean and asian cults were syncretized by the european neopagans in renaissance which later were standardized in freemasonic religion that led to the enlightenment era as first phase towards their takeover of west from vatican [9] when the used symbol as lady liberty was actually as I've said representation for isis sirius prometheus (check the underlined in second 1st footnote above along the next few) [9][9][9] as freemasonic light (star) symbol used eg. on the usA flag [9][9][9] but is the european flag crowned maybe in same manner too or its word just for coincidence in the allegory of diadem of stars [9][9][9] "old egyptian conception of night, the mother of day and of all things, with the diadem of stars, isis, the sister of osiris" [9] I see maybe too as speculation but hm hm hm then all modern european simulacrums are just neopagan fable if so maybe they are just joking as modern 'secular' elites [10] but would someone joke on such wide scale even using freemasonic hymn as melodic emblem [11][11][11]-[11][11][11]-[11] they only lack some rituals as numerologic holydays so their social conditioning if not tagging would be complete, tho I'll dont bother with such parallels coz I risk to become extra conspy and blame them that are true freemasons (read luciferians) as european political elite, maybe the forerunners were but the recent one are not, tho how vigorously they are trying to impose federalist flow even mids financial and political turmoils I have doubts whether they are Christians who even nowadays tend to crush the free will of the european citizens by various skims eg. how they imposed the constitution of eu on small door, now we need just to see how the member states sovereignty will be completely taken [12]
its almost untrue how so such religion had have such impact in the modern history and stil the same to be considered as something like fable, altho the same is still very live and passing on own tradition further, even more what is unbelievable is that the same has own higher elite circle like rosicrucianism that is stil plotting behind the scenes their utopian new world order agenda which rests on the "belletristic" manual for 'new atlantis' and superhumanity layed by francis bacon, tho its codex would be his novum organum where is rooted I'll say transhumanism by empiricism [1][1] actually the enlightenment era begins with this book in 1620, six years later slips his 'new atlantis' and all things antichristian started to shape and officialize as european neopagan agenda [2][2] and as could be seen he was the man who sprang "the first written discussion for atlantis since the fall of classical civilization", hm maybe there were other modern stories but his one was phylosophical and political hek religious too!

and why and how this is important, first as evidence that rosicrucians are the top level of the european neopagans [3][3] and second that their agenda is still alive, its interesting how big paneuropean influence had have his work that just right after the appearance of bacons new atlantis first time the atlantic ocean is tagged as such on some western map after antiquity [3][4] but the same hype stayed norm onward on various levels, even till nowadays eg. the western military alliance wasnt tagged differently but as nato i.e. north atlantic treaty organization, yes I know this is projection still fits nice in the nwo mosaic as freemasonic agenda - on this if is added the nato symbol too (again see "star gyronny" footnotes in the next one) [5] all pieces gets more factual as picture i.e. that is word for freemasonic wannabe war tool!

but how atlantis is then connected with sabeanism, for that can help the next quotes 'The Romans associated Sirius with “Janitor Lethaeus” or the keeper of hell. But at the same time Thoth, (also called Hermes by the Greeks) considered to be the “great teacher of humanity” known as the “architect of the universe,” was esoterically connected with the star.' [6] 'In occult traditions, it is believed that Thoth/Hermes (Nommos) had specifically taught the people of Atlantis, which was the most advanced civilization before it sank into the ocean (which many civilizations speak of a great flood in the past too).' [6] 'Thoth also known as Thaut (Egyptian), Taaut (Phoenician), Hermes (Greek), and Mercury (Roman), he was mortal, later deified, and a prominent leader of Atlantean refugees into the Nile Valley' [6] so now should be more clear how the european neopagans made the atlantean connection and syncretized the ancient esoteria in their new one, what didnt started for sure with rosicrucians eg. I've suggested how venetians particularly medici clan flush the pagan vibe earlier, yet later vatican kept its christian roots firm so teutons as rosicrucians emerged as prime neopagan opposition what could be seen nicely in the already suggested earlier in 6th post particular teuton'zionist theory [7]

    maybe needless to mention, but its useful to be offered info that some are trying to disprove francis bacons appearance as rosicrucian [8][8] but on contrary almost all ontopic links here in this thread suggest that that was case! still think the problem is how his role is not extra examined by the mainstream historiography as neopagan, but predominantly like rationalist as humanistic excuse, excuses like he was more natural than esoteric, as if someone wanted to conceal his true role as enlightenment father and freemasonic religion conceiver, almost like intentionally hidden idol for most of the european neopagans, practically with lowering his esoteric background actually freemasonry is kept more covert and almost as unimportant social club!

now all this would be more logical if we know that francis bacon was also 'east india company' stooge [9][9][9] when the corporation from/an city of london (what was freemasonic nest) spread around the world its might, btw those who are not acquainted with the history of this company should check the next info [9][9][9]

so is this (for most of the modern historiography "atlantean cliche") just neopagan myth, or one among the prime pivots in freemasory, hm, fremassons are not hiding it as pagan inheritance through ancient egypt [10][10] nor their symbolism escapes it mostly through their sexual connotations as release of the soul through lusts [11][11]-[11][11][11]-[12][12] only thing that is strange is how so there are extra amount of speculations and rare relevant ontopic studies!? the notion that freemasonry is also sex cult, is probably unbelievable for many too, yet if paganism is the reason for bodily beauty worship then so is its revival as neopaganism, on top we dont lack evidence how through liberalism and secularism even mids traditional communities is forced hedonism and decadence enmasse, aside that as elites freemasons dont lack orgy glitch as party ceremonies for the elite, what as deathbed work is portrayed by StanleyK in his eyes wide shut [13][13] yes on west we are simply conditioned on small door for embracing lusts money and pride as ideals, so arent those the same prime obstacles for every Faithful Christian who seeks Salvation!? thats how we will recognize the freemasonic agenda for their new atlantis as utopian goal for their heaven on earth, which is not at all cliche too [14] thats how we can recognize who is who in the time we live in, coz as Christians we are obstacle for them surely, alone just refusing to live by their skims, what about when we are engaged in invoking extra Grace on this world through Inchurched Life ...
regarding the previous post one thing stands out, that francis'b is defacto the crucial link to teutons and their rosicrucianism, what as puzzle completes nicely the teuton'zionist theory and their domination as neopagans above all medieval europe, from his 'new atlantis' can be traced also the connection among zionists and freemasonry through the solomon temple which is hallmark for every next freemassonic hotspot known as lodge, along common topic for both zionists and freemasons is also the sex cult through the zionist kabbalah (the zoroastrian heritage of khazars) what is evident from the last 6th footnote from the 4th post above, I can just add that in the teuton'zionist theory the same is further expanded as occult energy harnest by exploiting innocent children in same manner, what is maybe unbelievable for the christian mind as possible, but defacto as earlier pagans so as the later neopagans didnt bother too much about morals or righteousness when their pervert tradition or thirst for power is in question, as is also unbelievable that they had human sacrifice as ritual [1][1] lets say those are major mysteries known to few among the elite while the commoner jews are kept in dark for this practice, another secrecy similarity to freemasonry, but lets assume this is speculation too, yet what is revealed is that kabbalists are seeing sexual magic as respected if not revered practice [1][1] normally as all pagans and neopagans do 'too, again see the last 6th footnote in the next quote!

    Odiseizam wrote: yet made huge impact that changed even judaism itself if we know that khazars syncretized judaism and mazdaism which could be seen by various teachings and rituals [6][6][6]

let us contemplate for a moment, isnt the davids star exactly such khazar dualistic symbol [1][1] tho the contemporary jewish explanation is vague [2] and which like that opens room for alike explanation, further knowing how rosicrucian and freemasonic explanation rests on kabbalah interpretation too [1][1] its obvious that is word for the same ancient sabean hexagram used by many pagans earlier, and after kabbalism became norm among jews sadly but little by little was accepted as ethnic mark eg. first time in 17 century Prague, still its obvious that the hexagram is not judaic but kabbalistic symbol [2][2][2] actually again word for sirius and used in magic neopagan rituals mostly [1][1]

    in this regard its interesting to be pointed that 'tarot' could be easily recognized in such semiotic manner as modern game intended for/among neopagans in europe if not else for learning some hidden knowledge or use of freemasonic esoteria in concealed way [1][1] on other hand what makes special connection to the sex cult is its major and minor arcana - logically kabbalistic major and minor mysteries reached by sexual means as is noted in the first 12th footnote from the previous post [1][1] as neopagan trend spread even mids the ottoman and russian enlightened elites [1][1] > Lévi linked the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet, attributed by Sefer Yetzirah to the twenty-two aspects of God, to the twenty-two cards, or Major Arcana, of the tarot < dont forget most sultans were sufis thus such trend could easily escape islamic punishment what really is wondering how so even in ottoman empires neopaganism could exist, hm the same momentum actually led to easily corruption of the ottoman empire [3][3][3]-[3] maybe this is enough good argument so one will understand how big issue was freemasonry and the european neopagans, which I am sure even nowadays are very alive and ahead among the euroatlantiantic determinists i.e. western elites!

must add dont judge, not all rabbis accepted kabbalistic flow in judaism, also not all of them are zionists, above all as judaism the religion deviated many times through its existence even before Christ but confronted and warned by the prophets israelis have repent and restored their purity in faith, altho since the emergence of kabbalah in medieval europe that still didnt happened, so dont throw stones but help those people suggesting them to stick to their true orthodox tradition instead leaning towards its khazar esoteric deviance! what is even more true every flock has own black sheeps that defy purity, even rabbis who became freemasons [1][1] so again be wise and dont generalize! even in Christianity there were many sects that deviated hugely from the Orthodox Path eg. adamites bogomils etc. altho in Judaism such sadly became mainstream denominations after khazars came to scene!
another common niche for rosicrucians and zionists is the utopian ideal for enlightened society nowadays famous under the acronym n'w'o which as I've pointed is the ideal goal for the freemasonic religion, but it is for zionists too, what is nicely elaborated by Ted Pike in his 1987 docu "The Other Israel" go after 20 min [1][1] altho I am not sure whether they embrace the same messiah as freemasons, hm if kabbalah is prime pivot for both streams as for teutons so as for khazars then this is also compatible ideal, anyway zionist eschatology sees its fulfilment of nwo in Jerusalem while teutons probably elsewhere in their 'new atlantis', above all they've seen vatican as common enemy so per'se that was enough for strong intervowen neopagan alliance in north europe, eventually zionists influenced teutons more than vice'versa, with greater grip maybe coz zionists got hold to large amount of wealth as ghettoized and compact community in europe than were present as on south so on north thus traded with all and while the rest neopagan factions battled among themselves khazars had grow steadily, what led to their banking might later after venetians and templars eroded from the scene, like that becoming not just partner but also leader along teutons, still think they didnt merge completely altho became two sides of the same utopian nwo coin, the question is just in the end will freemason follow them while they chase their eschaton!?

even tho their agenda is sacred, as zionists they've maid also codex, which someone is considering it as hoax, the ill'famed protocols of zion [1][1] that could be said was experimented through ussR with hope it will expand further, what didnt happened altho zionists got grip through lenin first tho lost it with stalin [2][2][2] its interesting tho that lenin was tagged as freemason [1][1] what suggests that the teuton'zionist theory again has logic when stating that northern european neopagans (rosicrucians and zionists) are the nwo leaders, also its interesting to mention in the protocols footnotes is pointed that zionists infiltrated freemasonry i.e. that they were the illuminati [1][1] tho for me more plausible is that illuminati was jesuit infiltration that rest on their illumism [3][3][3][3] but this point from this last bolded footnote is more logical for teuton zionist split on democrats and socialists - still we can speculate too that coz Russia expelled jesuits later was struck by revolution as revenge from "jesuit socialists" - tho contra argument to this would be that bolsehvics were helped by the german kaiser thus we could say teuton'zionist agenda was defacto in place mids the october revolution - even tho the mainstream historiography interpret that move just as geopolitical compromise [2][2] yet not just money but also military support was at stake i.e. after the winter palace storm soldiers outside chanted long live the kaiser coz they were german soldiers wearing red army uniforms [2] what again supports the logic that was word for teuton'zionist surge instead jesuit one!
when I've mentioned vatican as prime enemy of northern neopagans, again I must remind that south was also heavily infested by neopaganism, above all through decadent elites [1][1] from which logically evolved also such scholars on the medieval universities (again) [1][1] but also such clannish popes on the holy'see [1][1] what eventually provoked day after neopagan infiltration in the knight orders too [1][1] tho jesuits could be said that from their beginning had have sectarian basis [2][2][2] while templars already adopted gnostic dualistic trends even kabbalism [2][2][2] and altho I cant say with certainty how big infestation was at stake still there is some biased (or not) info that astrology was trend mids vatican elites too [3][3] public sabeanism that existed freely till the appearance of pope sixtus'5th who was first to issue bull against astrology [3][3] yet to be more ridiculous one year later he erected the first old/new obelisk [3][3] but what obviously is done coz his urbanization will [3] so not all popes were decadent or heretic even tho many misused their position and in secrecy flirted with neopagan trends, behaving almost like freemasonic adepts - where there is hidden knowledge reachable only to few (not everyone equal in the craft just in the myth)

    so maybe freemasonry would never pop up as european neopagan religion if werent for the southeuropean neopagan trends among the usually labeled "italian" black nobility, some even state that after templars evaporated from the scene the remnants took refuge northward and laid ground for rosicrucianism - which later brought to the scene freemasonry, hm, maybe logical if we know that templars became bankers [4][4][4][4] so had have enough means to survive in disguise later, altho its more probable that after their might expired so as their influence, eventually they took refuge in Portugal and from there later in the new world maybe even UK [4][4] but defacto they couldnt manage further rise! in/to some respect templars were influenced by cathars and maybe indirectly after the abolition some knights influenced teutons, but again that is hard to be proven by any argument!

now the question is how the two neopagan european streams (southern and northern) aligned themselves later and started chasing same nwo goal, for what maybe good explanation is one assertion that southern black nobility (guelphs) infiltrated in england and took control there over the banking and corporate system [5] but if beic was their tool surely francis bacon wouldnt be their peer, so this assertion is logically wrong, its vice versa the late successors of ghibellines (rosecrucians and later freemasons) infiltrated guelphs [6] tho maybe they've made peace and joint enterprise [6][6][6] almost as if the book from these last footnotes is agitprop for conditioning of new generations, maybe with additional aim [7] maybe after all the aim was modern opening to youth from other states like Russia and China [8] simply how times goes by more and more of their religion structure factions and goals will be revealed to all eg. that they worship the serpent [9][9][9] so for now the current public freemasonic orders exists mostly as ceremonial ancestral club, thus any further fingerpointing is wrong coz at best they will not execute the prime change towards n'w'o, but for that are in place new honeycombed euroatlantic structures, which are not rarely present at plain sight eg. cfr trilaterals bilderborgs etc. alike power structures! tho all those are just political and corporative arm of that enterprise, the banking one, hm for that there are another structures, I'll skip such elaboration all know who are zionist bankers, probably freemasonic one are less known, but above all some claim that jp'morgan is the vault of the southeuropean clique [10][10] the largest bank in usA [11] understandable also how the same unlisted the vatican bank yeah probably as more newer and small branch that lost liquidity coz (guess) some internal swaps hek why would vatican have account in jpmorgan if they are not affiliated, What to say this is assumption on level of rockefeller owned by vatican (read southern clique) erected bank of england [12] how so if we know that zionists made that bank [12] or assumption on level that jesuit and maltese knights are tied [13] what if was true then vatican is forerunner of the n'w'o deal what is far from current reality where jesuits actually are counteparts to the already secular maltese knights, actually there is northerner infiltration in the maltese knights as in medieval europe so as later even in ww2 when the maltese opus'dei has suppressed the spying role of jesuits [13] hm hm hm the truth is somewhere inbetween or!? how much is needed so one southern faction will overtook other!?
when we are close to the templar story, it would be interesting to be pointed how cathars are connected to them and whether like that they later influenced rosicrucians, what tho also is an nonmainstream historical theory, but who can say for certainty that vatican didnt intentionally forged their emergence on the scene (check the 3rd footnotes in the post #5) just assume that some tribe which already had have such roots how fewer would be to survive, hek vatican coz jurisdiction interests didnt bother too much to who is giving crown eg. Tsar Samoil from Macedonia was also crowned easily even tho he was cool towards earlier balkanian dualists (bogomils) coz his armenian heritage (some of his family members were also followers of them), in right place and time as royals later they could push for sectarianism mids his empire or royalty, luckily that didnt happen here, but they have migrated (as I've already mentioned earlier in post #6) through Balkan and Italy till France, where day after merovingians popped out and forged own concealed neopagan heritage as bloodline of Jesus Christ but what actually was fable so their true esoteria would thrive among Christians [1][1] tho also good phantasmagorical'nepotistic'spin so as dynasty would exercise easier authority over christian masses beneath them [2][2][2] probably the catharian dualistic neopaganism [1][1] popped up later in this spin, but altogether this inertia may very well lead for the templar order (even indeed conceived by vatican) to get esoterically corrupted, after all they were knights not monks and think that just later made that monastic costume proper so they would keep as much wealth and force as possible! I say think coz I've never seen the bull for their formation so I would avoid such claim ...

on other hand there is wide accepted conspy theory that as order they came in contact with gnostic teachings while in Jerusalem, tho this catharian influence is more appealing theory to me, tho the question is how they revived that esoteria, in my opinion through contact with sufis in middle east [3][3] which know-how also existed for mass control of those not loyal to Islam but also concealed through islamic interpretations, yes even freemason use the same secret in secrete hiding in plain site skims [2][2][2][2][2][2] logically later templars searched for local dualistic history and revived the catharian heresy, and as hiding skim used the jerusalem hype the discovered scrolls from the solomons temple (coz they had task by the popes to rebuilt it) and like that had have good excuse for execution apostasy through its members with excuse they acquired hidden forbidden christian knowledge even built heretical myth about Saint John The Baptist [1][1] hm hm hm in context of last two footnotes its most interesting how even nowadays is used this myth as attack on Christianity but nowadays in more brainwashing manner eg. davinci code movie alike projecting [1][1] thus traditional non'inchurched christians to be paused for if not grabbed from the Salvation Path, believe me the faith can be extra challenged till one is stil on the doorstep hm altho doubting thoughts can attack even by small recklessness for shielding with prayers!
when forgery of historical facts was norm in the past, internal or external, again [1][1] i.e. factions and alliances regularly shifted and thus making own narrative in the process, its normally that most of the history is at best biased if not twisted, thus resolving particular events even more myths is subjected to puzzling assumptions! the problem grows exponentially when there is still affiliation among the modern and past western empires or clans, which brings us normally to conspy theorizing, even more if we know for granted that always elitism ends up bound by strong causality (as everything else in this world) so even if they want to escape from their past they cant, doable only by Our Almighty Lords Allowance or Providence, even JFK altho ardent catholic still coudnt escape the trap [1][1] simply if some Christian wants to oppose the real authorities mids snake nest defacto he need to be errorless except devoted in his Faith i.e. even little misbehavior in such circumstances can lead to fall from The Graceful Life, usually we all lost Grace when dive in hedonism materialism or egoism, above all as much higher we are on the world stage so as exponentially the risks grow and the mistakes are probable!

    Odiseizam wrote:eventually they took refuge in Portugal and from there later in the new world maybe even UK [4][4]

in portuguese regions its logical for them to take refuge [1][1] tho there they werent secure on long run as esoteric, but also few assertions suggests that islands reemergence was possible, yet templars were present in england enmasse before their dissolution too [2][2][2] tho this could be excuse those on the run to take there refuge i.e. "it is well known and documented that brothers of the templar order fled to certain places in an attempt to evade the french and later papal forces persecuting them, some went to portugal and became the knights of christ, some fled to the, as yet, ununified germany, some fled to the alps, some fled to england, others fled to scotland" then again in that case it took few centuries before templars and teutons brought rosicrucianism in full swing and later when UK was secured as their nest they standardized specific neopagan religion in face of freemasonry which francis'b&co started to spread it from the island throughout europe and america [2][2][2] but if templars instead teutons influenced rosicrucianism and its freemasonry then templars were also insightful on esoteric level with neoplatonism - what as I am aware was never case, maybe and most probably northteners (teuton-zionists) used the templar myth for seducing some of the southern factions, defacto its word for somehow different belief systems and different centuries, so after their dissolution they couldnt influence even less to achieve such feat, thus freemasonry by no means evolved through them, eventually they've passed their inner esoterical core for the rest to sync, but that is not enough for establishing new religion!

    on other hand the franciscan monk who shared the teuton'zionist theory points they've survived and joined northern neopagan clique [2][2] which is possible as elm tree split logic (priory of sion) that fled to north [2][2] hm, and this aligns smootly with another conspy thesis that as such they survived in Switzerland [2][2] but this could be well one of the many speculations eg. like the one that vatican is behind templars and illuminati even zionists [2][2] or the most intriguing that templars among first reached america [2][2] yo canada [2][2] almost as if there is extra need by some (and after as sensationalism by many) to speculate about templars might, probably so it would be concealed the true former and current masterminds behind the n'w'o skim, which would be the teuton'zionist clique and their freemasonic offspring that as euroatlantic determinists now can put any mask they need while they are chasing their inherited utopian dreams!

eh how easily even little pieces can make the puzzle appealing, but while shaping them to fit one just need patience, for what t'z clique had have few centuries, hm, after all maybe freemasons indeed are templar recidives [2][2][2] if we accept that the esoteric elite templars took refuge mids scots, yeah small piece but extra distorting for me, tho I'll leave historians to settle such logic and dates before I claim it is substantial, its interesting tho that alone just by semiotic and philological examination can be traced different influences eg. their freemasonic ceremonial acclamation (which among french lodges is expressed as "vivat", or its used as "housa" or "hoshea" in the ancient and accepted rite, (in adoptive masonry it was "eva" and in the rite of misraim hallelujah), while in the english lodges "so mote it be") could be good lead for demystification from where to where things shifted [2][2][2] on top enough good connection is the intermarriage of northern royals later, so the freemasonic-templar story indeed could be just fable used for forging alliances or recruiting southern wannabe defectors where the abolished templars ressetled!?

to this logic one good point is that kabbalists also emerged in Spain, which (jews or arabs) handed over mazdaistic dualistic knowledge to the templars, or templars along with them brought the same to Spain from middle east, what additionally was syncretized as similarly dualistic with the earlier local catharian gnosis, later after their official abolishment templars joined through this line with teutons who were influenced by khazar kabbalists, in the end england as northern ally reaffirmed the kabbalstic esoteria as standardized freemasonic religion that would challenge Christianity, simply the island was more secure for such feat coz various reasons! strange combinations but all of them supports the teuton'zionist theory offered by the unnamed franciscan monk in early '90s, which points accurately to many medieval events as clash between european Christians and neopagans, tho with sad note that eventually neopagans took control of the western realm, altho as we can witness they couldnt sway so easily the masses as they swayed the elites, that as Christians endured bravely not to fall on the neopagan esoteria and its n'w'o agenda, on contrary even mids freemasons as neopagan clans is popping up offspring that defies their false gnosis might and goals eg. JFK, just hope many will follow his courage, so luciferianism wouldnt become universal religion in future!
    Odiseizam wrote:in my opinion through contact with sufis in middle east [3][3] which know-how also existed for mass control of those not loyal to Islam but also concealed through islamic interpretations, yes even freemason use the same secret in secrete hiding in plain site skims [2][2][2][2][2][2] logically later templars searched for local dualistic history and revived the catharian heresy

its probable that hashishins influenced templars (maybe vice versa) if its compared their structure [1][1] but if not else templars were influenced by their dualistic esoteria [2][2][2] from where is also derived the freemasonic esoteria, those insightful in sufism would know this is not at all assumption i.e. that sufism roots are kemetic [2][2][2] and this gives clear answer how was shaped till some extent the isis myth in freemasonry, altho the same was even earlier present in europe through the cathars and later through venetians, so in particular time became esoterical glue for most of the european neopagans, altho they've syncretized in the process all kind of esoteria thus maybe reason for various cults later!?

only precisely unanswered question is how templar elite sect survived after the orders abolishment by vatican! logically those templars from north merged with the teuton order, and normally coz the german lands were free from papal bondage after the reformation obviously there popped up strong nests for neopaganism, and later when they swayed england to oppose vatican the english neopagan elites allied themselves with the german neopagan aristocracy, which alliance led to emergence of freemasonry as aristocratic northeuropean neopagan religion, my final conclusion! probably all those freemasonic rites are result of the many factions and above all the lack of charismatic leader, what eg. was case in protestantism, which just coz that same pivot endured eventual collapse, even tho without secured royal seat in northern europe it started to fragment in various denominations later, but that was enough for freemasons to become more and more influential among the masses and decade by decade freemasonry to grow and thrive freely, almost as if all this (protestantism + freemasonry) was indeed done by the northeuropean royal clans so they would distance themselves from vatican as on public so as on aristocratic level, who would say that the merovingo'ottono'hohenstauffens survived with their paxromana ideal - which later after protestantism crossed to england emerged as paxanglicana - while further through freemasonry resurfacing in usA as paxamericana, what is interesting tho now when they established themselves as western empire they are striving for paxuniversalis i.e. their utopian n'w'o for which already is laid particular skim, most probably as world economic collapse before ww3 or vice versa!?
its should be noted that the mainstream historiography will never consider the teuto'zionist theory as valid, if not else coz the nazi smudge mids the european neopagans, eventually to accept french-british roots of freemasonry as proposed in the next chart by NicholasH [1][1][1] but then how will be explained the reformation and the northern intermarriages, and this is maybe good elaboration how factions on west were shifting, altho I'll say jacobins were influenced enmasse by jesuits [1] i.e. as last deterrence measure vatican promoted secularism, so freemasonry would not consume all as was case in usA ... its strange for the didactic mind, but vatican has shifted many times different sides (noted also in the teuton'zionist theory) but also used covert means for infiltration coz its supremacy, tho what again was done coz the northern neopagan infiltrations, so this is next chart think its not complete as final demystification for the emergence of freemasonry!


and even if this is accepted as mainstream narrative, again many masks will fell in regard of neopaganism, still also huge risk for debunking all western imperialism as one plot, hence it would provoke strong opposition if not else, surely this kind of reasoning will be harshly denounced for debate among the mainstream historians, probably worrying thing would be the byproducts in the process, but sooner or later historians should offer deconstruction of it as probable or not!

hm, maybe even for the teuto'zionist theory such diagraming could look firmly, but like that it would be indoctrination instead open topic for demystification, tho must admit I've never heard for similar narrative or such general theory that connects tightly so much events in precise manner, which even as belletristic novel will become bestseller, what about if the same is true ... in my opinion the chances to be fake are so slim that such objection is possible only in form of arrogant skepticism due to cancel culture coz any of the unbelievable assertions like the one about ritualistic human sacrifices, normally evaded by antiracist excuses as if the text is not pointing to elitist neopaganism, even tho for now there is just one biased anticonspy commentary without any deconstructing but only projection that is supposedly scifi work [1][1] the easiest agitprop techniques labeling and gaslighting, in the end those accusations as debunked author what can be easily deconstructed by comparative ai text style authentication, or eventual fabrication can be demystified easily if there is comparison to other conspy theories, labeling some text as fake without any scientific analysis is just agitprop spinn nothing else!
in the next quote is added one more (second) footnote, hope its not confusing!?

    Odiseizam wrote:in this regard its interesting to be pointed that 'tarot' could be easily recognized in such semiotic manner as modern game intended for/among neopagans in europe if not else for learning some hidden knowledge or use of freemasonic esoteria in concealed way [2][2][2] on other hand what makes special connection to the sex cult and is its major and minor arcana - logically kabbalistic major and minor mysteries reached by sexual means as is noted in the first 12th footnote from the previous post [1][1] as neopagan trend spread even mids the ottoman and russian enlightened elites [1][1]

I'll stretch my assertion that the neopagan standardization as freemasonic religion also opened huge door for reintroduction of paganism in different forms eg. divination, astrology, tarot, witchcraft, etc., so west became paralyzed in such manner that only free from demonology public space became the later atheistic soviet realm, actually this supports my thesis that at last moment as last straw jesuits introduced atheistic jacobinism, altho the same looks more as zionist skim, what could and should be analyzed through the enlightenment philosophers and their affiliations [1] defacto mids the rush of freemasonry and its republicanism only blockade would be atheism, what also is pointed by Saint John of Kronstadt that communism is punishment by Our Almighty Lord for the lavish europeanized aristocracy in Russia i.e. as could be seen from the last first footnote in the quote (go to the post for active link) even tarot was trend among the elites, tho wrong westernization was in full swing on all levels [2][2][2] thus its strange how so but I suppose back then only soteriological way for dismantling metastized neopaganism among elites is sterilization what indeed happened [3] altho as could be seen from the prophecy the symbol of the antichrist is star (thus loosing Grace they invoked on themselves such misfortune) despite the fact that also as n'w'o experiment the bolshevik emergence was zionist skim (yet which emerged from the freemasonic stew as could be seen from teuton'zionist theory angle) [4][4] what points that evil is evil yet if we know that Our Almighty Lord Providence is above all we know also that our temptations are coz our Salvation, from this respect eg. ottomans conserved Orthodox Christianity in balkans, otherwise here now we would be either catholic or protestant, but how to explain to historians or nationalists such metaphysics so they would evade haterate, how people to understand that we are all on this world because Salvation and not to behave like judges or oppressed unequal abundanceless masses which hope through revolutions will make some heaven on earth, simply we all forget what is causality in this world and what is The Only Way the same to be resolved!

now we are more or less all on pressure for conditioning by neopaganism even mids secularism, and only way to escape the "sirius" lobotomy is traditionalization of nationalism i.e. desecularization of the states, as I am regularly pointing now nationalism is one of the rare obstacles for eventual near or future neopagan globalism [5]
one thing that is not fully explained in this thread is how francis bacon even before freemasonry was officialized have been indoctrinated by the german esotericism and alchemic empiricism, i.e. what was covert elite occultism in "germany and italy" in england became plain public religion for recruiting adept mids all social stratums, anyway for medieval italian neopagans there is some info in this thread, but for their colleagues from north the same is still not narrowed and defragmented, so this post should serve this purpose!

    as is pointed in the teuton'zionist theory teutons merged with livonians [1][1] who probably before merged with the remnants of templars if we know that teutonic knights were more loosen as chosen among the peasantry thus eventual hidden neopagan templars could find secure auspice among them [1][1] hek later when merged teutons took also the templar insignia but in black [1][1] altho per'se its not word for paganisation of the order after this merger coz the teuton order even earlier followed an templar pattern as dualism [2][2][2] maybe all those orders as structure were copy of the middle eastern hashishins coz all were present in Palestine and all were communicating among themselves, hm I still cant find how so mids christian even military order there is need for title "master" (among germans "meister") again, probably many of whom even on church universities accepted dualism (and like that I'll speculate also got the tittle meister) [2][2][2]

it looks like european neopagans as elite were such infiltration mids catholic universities monastic and military orders that just was question when the same would be exposed and the line drawn, and as could be seen by the dates its obvious that was case! I'll wont dive in how teutons sided [3][3] on ethnic and political level, but is interesting to be noted that the same siding is more obvious on occult level i.e.(altho influenced earlier by "italian and spanish") the "german" alchemists [3][3] were base for all the rest later eg. among whom francis bacon too [3][3][3] defacto the idea for parousia i.e. prussia [4][4] what also probably was evangelical motivation for nwo [4] was instantly rebranded by the prefreemasonic neoplatonists as goal, but rearranged in neopagan way through freemasonry i.e. the 'new atlantis' skim, altho the christian roots of the word were twisted too [4] as everything else when the wolf in sheep skin would push for own neopagan inertia even mids christian masses, eg. for the masses the two headed eagle was referred as Lords omnipotent reign, while the neopagan elite was using the same symbol as dualistic one, I'll skip the eastern byzantine diarchy or the papal vicarial double power slip, and will point to the western dualistic pagan [5][5][5] and neopagan interpretations [6][6][6] even as freemasonic [6][6][6]
Theosophy's an interesting feature of Occult tradition. What do you think of Madame Blavatsky or Lucis Trust? I'd wager to bet that Theosophy and Scienticism, along with Technocracy and Transhumanism, serve humanity as a synthesis of many preceding occult factions. Nice write up, glad you touched on Bacon, Gnostics, & Kubrick. Thoughts on Albert Pike or Manly P Hall? I'm under the impression that the Vatican used Jesuits and The Knights of Malta to combat Freemasonry.


Esotericism is often occulted or conflated by exoteric culture, and the profane don't possess the right degree of discernment to unveil the language used by secret societies. Like any modern bureaucratic network or super-entity composed of many individuals, secret societies employ an obscure kind of corporate language. To understand a guarded or unique language, you'd best be privy to the structure and nuance of symbolic communication. Anthropologically or sociologically speaking, secret societies operate the way social hierarchies organize via division of labor or compartmentalization of knowledge. It's perfectly sane to consider the possibility that a well-organized group of like-minded people decided to get together and discreetly rule over others.

The history of politics provides a historical reference from which an astute scholar could extract for further examination of occult networks or cabals the assumed identity and or purposes of said organizations. In every civilization, city, society, etc; there's a communicative group of people lording over another. Be it for and through benevolence, nevertheless, a priest class has always taken power and ruled over those not entirely in the know. Most groups or organizations have a power structure similar to a tribe, mafia, intelligence network, political party, and use various modes of power (brute force or law), intimidation, disclosure, redaction, and persuasion, to influence those that suffer from a lack of equal or greater mental faculties.

Unfortunately, people entertain other people's' thoughts. Meaning to say that they, the thinker, are entirely comprised of prepackaged ideation, only communicating to survive day-to-day. Moreover, these same people go to work, exchange in commerce, but never stop to question the hierarchical authority that presides over them at all times despite being told they're actually free from a tyranny of the mind. In reality, perceptive faculties shaped by an environmental mosaic of information that cybernetically influence the stories people tell themselves to continue to carry on with business as usual incur enough power over them to never question the tenants of The Great Conversation. For the unwashed masses, It's encouraged by their superiors and considered convenient to side-step surreptitious activity. Oversimplified answers to difficult questions entertain reasonableness in the oppressed more than any amount of truth.

Magick or magic is essentially the act of bending our perception of reality. Perhaps this is why the arts and sciences are confidently in the hands of conspirators. Be they the ranks of the entertainment industry or academia, we drag dreams into existence. All art is propaganda, all practicality is perspective, and in this instance, all art is communication for an adept class of seers vying for practical control of consciousness. The narrative of modernity, post-industrial hubris, and technological simulacra, we've allowed hidden agendas to remotely steer us toward untold goals. We're all caught by ticking traps, collecting yesterday's promise. We all put up barriers to keep ourselves in tact.

All the world's indeed a stage and we are merely players
Performers and portrayers
Each anothers audience outside the gilded cage

After all we live mythically,


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