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Pay attention to the extreme overreaction.

A 24 year old student had brought three rifles with him in his car to a community college where he attended classes.
The guns remained in the trunk of his car, the car parked in the parking lot.

Because of this, the student was treated as a potential mass murderer.
Police arrested him. The judge set bail at $750,000, an enormous amount.
And on top of that, the college locked the student out from access to all his student accounts (through the internet).

Someone had initially reported a man acting erratically in a parking lot near the back of campus. Some time later, officers located the student, who was in class, and detained him, putting him in handcuffs. Then they searched his vehicle and found the rifles, ammunition, and supposed "hate group" material.

Tarboro police: Man with rifles linked to hate group arrested at Edgecombe Community College, Dave Jordan, Jacyn Abbot, WITN, October 17, 2022

This happened in North Carolina. (suspect's name Jason Messenbrink)
For those who are not aware, the parking lots at a community college are huge, and the car was pretty far away from the building. It would be a long walk to get from the building to the car. If he had just parked the car a little further away, outside the parking lot owned by the community college, it would not have been illegal.

I don't know about your opinions, but I think this is pretty insane.
And yet, this is also representative of the "new normal" in America. It's like a form of paranoia. Anyone with guns is seen as a "threat". Why else would this man have guns in the trunk of his car unless he was planning to commit a mass murder?

There was a time in most parts of America when keeping guns in the trunk of one's car would not have been the least bit unusual or suspicious.
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