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You won't find this being covered in the mainstream news.

Terrorist Act in Long Beach California covered up
written by Laura Loomer @LauraLoomer

" Law enforcement sources in California have told me that Police in Long Beach, California have been given a gag order to not talk about the fact that the man who was arrested yesterday after committing vehicular jihad in downtown Long beach, CA is a Muslim who carried out his attack in the name of Islam.

When FBI responded to the scene yesterday, source tells me FBI said they can’t mention the killer was a Muslim terrorist and ordered all police to not speak about it to the media.

The media is only referring to the terrorist killer as "a man booked for murder" after the Muslim man named Khalid Yagobbi intentionally rammed his car into a woman pushing a stroller and ran over at least 5 other pedestrians. The woman died "

link here

The local news did report it, but claimed "At this time, there is no indication that this incident was an act of terror nor associated with the current violence in Israel. However, the investigation is ongoing."

Man booked for murder after apparent intentional crash in Long Beach, Will Conybeare, KTLA 5 Local News, Oct 15, 2023
Why is it when an incident involves a Muslim people are so quick to deem it to be terrorist related? Just a few days ago , someone driving a car rammed into my dad's van , totaling it. Yet I don't assume that it was a deliberate act of malice. The man in question is currently standing trial. Until such time as he is convicted , in our system of law, he is to be considered innocent . In addition this is what I have found out about the author of this tweet , Laura Loomer.
Laura Elizabeth Loomer (born May 21, 1993)[1] is an American far-right and anti-Muslim political activist,[a][b] white nationalist,[2][3] conspiracy theorist[4][5] and internet personality.[6] She was the Republican nominee to represent Florida's 21st congressional district in the 2020 United States House of Representatives elections, losing to Democrat Lois Frankel.[7][8] She also ran in the Republican primary for Florida's 11th congressional district in 2022, narrowly losing to incumbent Daniel Webster.[9]

Loomer has worked as an activist for several organizations, including Project Veritas,[10] the Geller Report,[11] The Rebel Media and InfoWars.[12][10] Loomer gained notoriety as a result of being banned from numerous social media platforms, payment processors, vehicles for hire, and food delivery mobile apps for various reasons, including violating policies on hate speech and spreading misinformation.[13][14][15][16] She has also been banned and removed from events, and had press credentials revoked, for harassment and causing disturbances.[16][17] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laura_Loomer
Sounds real reliable. :roll: And here, for anyone interested are the most recent articles I could find about the incident. https://www.eastbaytimes.com/2023/10/18/man-accused-in-downtown-long-beach-crash-was-working-for-uber-had-passenger-in-car-da-says/ , https://abc7.com/long-beach-crash-woman-killed-driver-arrested/13922629/ , https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/long-beach-crash-shoreline-drive-driver-charged/3245791/ Sure doesn't seem to be a cover up to me. Image

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