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Picassos hung in toilet cubicle at Mona in response to adverse discrimination ruling

In short: Tasmanian art gallery Mona has hung artworks by Pablo Picasso in a female toilet cubicle in response to a failed court bid to exclude men from a women-only art installation.
In April, a court ruling found Mona discriminated when it refused a New South Wales man entry to its Ladies Lounge.
What's next? Mona curator Kirsha Kaechele is appealing the discrimination ruling in the Supreme Court. ... /104015216

I suppose this stunt was an attempt to try to reveal some inconsistency in the conservative position, that excluding men from an art showing is not acceptable, yet not excluding men from a female toilet room is not acceptable.

But in my view, that sort of shines light on the inconsistency on the progressive side as much as it does the conservative side.

It is a provocative stunt, designed to make people contemplate the rules in society and how they may be inconsistent, to be sure.

Of course it's also a way to try to side-step and get around the court ruling, since it is unlikely the court will go so far as to order that the gallery has to allow men into the women's private restroom area. (Or in other words, the gallery is trying to mix the display of art with a women's private changing area, bundling them together, to make the court more reluctant to order the inclusion of men, a clever way to "bit back" against this ruling)

Apparently these progressive feminists view the hosting of a display that excludes men as some sort of "affirmative action" to try to compensate for the supposed historical disadvantaged position of women. Which is ironic in itself because one of the pillars of progressivism is the claim to oppose "discrimination" in all forms.

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