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Godstud wrote:@Drlee :lol: Great post, and pretty much dead on. :up:

I am not liking the biker references though, as I am in an MC and we do that sort of thing. ;) That said, most of the guys have wives and not just girls on the backs of their bikes. The single guys, though, do fit into that mold(as far as relationships go, with a different girl on the bike every few weeks), although we don't put up with actual assholes in our MC. :D

Maybe the allure of these bad boys is that they aren't expecting anything deeper than a "fling". I know some women also have problems with commitment.

QFT. "Good girls" don't fall for the "Bad boys".

Then again, I have a single friend who tells me that, "Bad girls need loving, too!". :D He's loving the bad girls until he is ready for a good girl.

"Good girls can fall for bad boys, but it is a phase." That is how I would word it. Like how millenials crushed on NSYNC in the 90s and now not at all. My example of that 30ish magnetic man...it can happen to any girl. He knew how to seduce a quiet, shy girl and he enjoyed our serious interactions. He wanted to figure me out. He wanted to be near me. It was different from his experiences with the bubbly, flirty women. I was fascinated to see another side of him. He was a teacher back then. I sometimes wonder what if we had started an affair. That day we almost did something was after school, he had advised me to see him after school for questions on an essay. It was so quiet in the hallway. I was standing by his chair, he was sitting at his desk. He could have grabbed my hip and pulled me on his lap. There was a lot of tension in the air that afternoon. I was relieved when the tension vanished when his buddy, another teacher poked his head in to ask a question. He was surprised and disappointed too. But after his buddy left, the moment passed and I left soon after.

@Drlee Great post! I agree.
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