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#14776100 I was looking up subsocial behavior due to some frustrations I have with workplace cliques where people insist on only doing their jobs competently among others they like, and make appeals to common sense when saying when and why they behave competently sometimes but not others.

Turns out there's actually a scientific explanation for accusing these people of having a "hivemind": ... social.pdf

A lot of people like to say that humanity is a social creature, but they selectively leave out the part where social creatures are all-inclusive. Instead, they merely focus on comparing interaction to action. The idea of interacting with everyone is ignored.
Well yes obviously, it's also interesting to note that some of us retain some of our "hunter gatherer" genes whilst others have lost most of it all together after the agriculture industrialization.

I have this same problem, and I cannot seem to find a solution. I just don't or cannot seem to fit in at all hardly and as well I've noticed this a lot when interacting with people, it just seems like I'm on different wave length's then most and we just don't seem to be able to click or have any chemistry together and we both somehow misinterpret our body language drastically and often times if they are really group minded I cannot click with them at all and honestly I think that at times they don't really see people as individuals and we're all just vaguely dismembered parts of the same homogeneous group.

For me it's always been the "happy, happy" thing, I don't just accept what authority tells me, or go along with what everyone else does, it's not natural for me to smile all of the time. I guess I'm just not wired the same way, and I don't think it's really fair to act or pretend all of the time. I mean maybe there's other ways to try and prove yourself to the group but it just seems ridiculous at times. Maybe they're all just sheep and it's not worth bothering with them. It's like an orchestra of light that go off in each other's brains or something, I can just tell. It's like* ding, ding ding* at every moment of social interaction and whilst the group is together they operate as an harmonious unite, but yet I've never been able to tap into or connect with that.

much of my sense of self has been created but also reassured by never quite fitting into the group and it's always kind of compounded and made it stronger to where whenever I see groups of any sort of I am always leery and generally just expect not to fit in and sure enough often I don't. I suppose as well I have a narrowly focused energy, I focus it very much on individuals, I've always seen individuals so I don't know..

I know that as well I think some people are afraid of individuality and I know as well afraid (or mostly uncomfortable) because they know I don't accept everything and go along with it all. I don't really carry a facade and they don't want to deal with it all. Another thing I've never been able to relate to. I mean fostering group spirits, all of that stuff.

I guess the thing that bothers me the most is that we can't really be free, because I think that generally the majority of people want to be free of responsibility and they don't want to think for themselves too much and they are happier being told what to do and following. And what's frustrating about that is that individuality, individual differences, thinking for yourself is always discouraged by the group because somehow they don't want to be aware of the self, or themselves. They just want to be led. So we all about individuality, or that we are all individualizes. It's basically "don't think for yourself, don't pay too much attention. Just accept what our leaders tell us to do" and I feel like at some points it revolves more or less into feeling like some ancient form of tribal worship or something and I think of ancient incas or Mayans worshiping their pagan gods, dancing around and making sacrifices of one kind or another. They want "their God" to do everything for them. I also think that a lot of people are scared of being too objective so they block out facets of reality that make them uncomfortable.

I think that some cultures were very independent in that way, so I think it must be natural so some extent. I guess it's natural to feel disconnected in some way though when our lives are so unnatural. I feel almost at this point that all of human society has been reduced to living in pens or something.
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