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The alt-right isn’t one group. They don’t have one coherent identity. Rather, they’re a loose collection of people from disparate backgrounds who would never normally interact: bored teenagers, gamers, men’s rights activists, conspiracy theorists and, yes, white nationalists and neo-Nazis. But thanks to the internet, they’re beginning to form a cohesive group identity. And I have the data to prove it.

Quite a long read, but worth the effort. The article shows through linguistic analysis of Reddit that the alt-right is composed of a coalition of groups of largely young, angry, white males whose social network is composed of:

4chan shitposters
Anti-progressive gamers
Men's rights activists
White Supremacists

All of these groups unite under /r/The_Donald and overlap. ... y-uniting/
It's certainly remarkable how many alt-right supporters are IT nerds. They seem to spend their life in a virtual reality. But many don't seem to be hardened fascists. Their understanding of historical fascism is very shallow. Perhaps they can be guided back to the path of virtue with a bit of patience?
That was not a long read.

OK, so when Trump was campaigning, the word was his supporters were angry old white males and therefore they would soon die of old age. Guess people were wrong about that. It is young men whom liberals have marginalised and now they are forming a radicalised counter movement.

Furthermore, Trump would not have been elected if it were just angry white males, young or old, who voted for him. I think you will find there are a lot of women and Christian conservatives who support Trump. And for the same reason. Progressive liberalism is devisive.

So we can rant and rave all day about the alt right and Trump but in the end it is your own fault for forcing fanatic beliefs onto society.
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