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I've been seeing some studies on the internet that say some strange things about homosexuality that I certainly disagree with.

One thing they say is that people who are homophobic may in fact be closet homosexuals. Apparently they did some "test" to prove this. I don't have the source but I remember this test involved having a bunch of gay bashers be shown gay porn to see how they react. They attached a flexible ring around their penises and if the ring grew during the gay porn then it would prove that these men were in fact closet homosexuals.

I thought about this for a while, and have to say I don't believe this type of test is valid. Their argument seems to be based on the idea that a person's sexual orientation is ONLY a matter of physiological responses in the body. And yet, the fact remains that a person might have these responses and still not have the slightest interest whatsoever in sexual relations with the same sex.

The men who had those physiological responses were most likely completely disgusted and wanted to throw up after hearing the results of the test. Now, how can a man who feels disgusted about this truly be a gay man? Wouldn't a gay man be a person who would ENJOY watching gay porn? Just because their dicks grew while watching gay porn, it doesn't mean they were enjoying themselves or felt in the least bit comfortable in this situation. To actually be gay, you have to be interested in having sex with another man. That I am not. If my dick happens to get erect around another man, that's not my fucking problem. I'm completely uninterested. All it proves is that there's some kind of mind-body disconnect going on that needs more scientific investigation.

It's just annoying to hear someone else try to determine MY orientation. Unless you're me, you can't say what my sexual orientation is. All I want is be allowed to live my life comfortably as a heterosexual without having a bunch of people trying to FORCE me to be something that I'm not, based on a bullshit test.

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