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It is a trend I've noticed very frequently over the years, especially over the internet. There is a tendency towards low altruism in a lot of people. They prefer dominance and competition over cooperation and camraderie.

It is quite apparent among far right and far left people but you can find it through most parts of society, including among those with no strong political convictions.

We could say that low altruism individuals really only care about themselves and always have a grievance. They are without any softness or ability to forgive.

Low altruism people are in my opinion the cause of most of the world's problems.

Society glorifies low altruism as a type of alpha male behaviour. If you're kind or gentle it's considered feminine. The result is that we have very high testosterone men with low altruism. Such men are loose canons, completely impulsive yet they're everywhere. They're the sort of people who beat their wives and thump their chests.

What is needed is high testosterone high altruism men. But why are there so few of these around now days?

Today in the West I'm noticing that there are fewer and fewer of them. It's mostly starting to become a mix of low testosterone, low altruism men and high testosterone, low altruism men.
I honestly think the problem is too much altruism. There's nothing for all this altruism to do in the context of most people's capabilities and how far they are willing to go, so it gets directed towards openly hostile foreigners in lazy ways. There's a lot going on there though, including anti-anxiety or anti-deppressive drug abuse, virtue signalling and cucked Christianity. If people didn't "care" so much for people they personally refuse to have anything to do with I think everyone would be a lot better off.

I also think you're making a mistake to conflate altruism with cooperation. Superficially at least they do not have anything to do with each other, if they did you would not see criminals banding together etc.

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