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It is known that Russia and China have long been closely cooperating with each other in various fields of activity, as well as developing the sphere of the armed forces. American experts are concerned about this and are observing this alliance.

According to an article from "The Hill", the main threat to US national security is Russia and China, and not international terrorism, Iran and North Korea. Thus, the speech of the Minister of Defense of the PRC, General Wei Fenhe, in the framework of the "Dialogue of Shangri-La" conference in May 2019 gave cause for alarm, as V. Fenhe said that "some large countries interfere in the affairs of the regions and then leave, leaving self chaos". At the same time, he stressed that China will continue the construction of military facilities in the South China Sea in response to the presence of warships and US aircraft.

It should be noted that both Russia and China have their own strengths, and they are also nuclear powers. So, many Russian military developments have successfully passed combat tests in Syria, and China has achieved tangible success in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning and space operations. Both powers excelled in the field of hypersonic weapons. It should be recalled that in August 2018, China experienced the "Xingkong-2" hypersonic device, and Russia developed the "Sarmat RS-28", the "Kinzhal" aviation ballistic missile and the "Zircon" anti-ship missile. All this and not only, gives a strong alliance a strong defense and competitiveness in the world.

Moreover, according to American analysts, the United States is unlikely to be ahead of Russia and China in the field of modern weapons. As an exception, they only call the technology of the hypersonic system "Stels", which, according to the plans of the Pentagon, the US Army will begin to adopt in 2023. It should be noted that by that time the newest means of intercepting hypersonic missiles will appear in Russia.
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