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when found that Doug64 is insightful Christian [1] I've got really surprised how so he is in same time devoted fun of the american rev. if measure is his particular blog thread, the paradox is that the american revolution was freemasonic, and knowing how freemasons are luciferians this is really problematic!

    now many could refer to that revolution just coz ancestral involvement thus personal reasons, but even then it would be for Christian same as german praising nazis, so here we are witnessing paradox that actually is in place for many northamerican citizens coz nationalistic patriotic reasons, still for me is ridiculous to use historic exceptionalism by no means as Christian even less revolutions that sprang as result of the freemasonic skim!

open question is remaining why this is not accented nowhere mids usA as problem, hm probably that can lead to weaking of the nationalistic cohesion knowing how large is the evangelical but also the secular stratum in usA!
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