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The shockjock, attention seeking, Trumpist parasite, is more than $2million in debt. Yasssssss!

Try not to laugh, but alt-right troll Milo Yiannopoulos is in serious financial trouble

Gay alt-right troll Milo Yiannopoulos is in serious financial trouble, you guys. According to The Guardian, he’s more than $2 million in debt. So let’s take a second to treat Milo with the sympathy he deserves.

Yesterday, LGBTQ Nation reported that leaked documents from Australian court proceedings showed Yiannopoulos owing $52,000 to the Four Seasons for his Hawaii wedding and over $153,000 in legal fees to Meister Seelig & Fein, the law-firm that represented him in his failed lawsuit against the publisher Simon & Schuster.

You may recall that Yiannopoulos tried to sue Simon & Schuster for refusing to publish his book, Dangerous. Yiannopoulos claimed that they withdrew their offer because of his comments approving of child rape. But Simon & Schuster replied by basically calling his book a piece of unpublishable adolescent trash.

The Guardian says Yiannopoulos also owes “$1.6m to his own company, $400,000 to the Mercers (his former patrons) … $76,574 to former collaborator and Breitbart writer Allum Bokhari, and $20,000 to the luxury jewelry brand Cartier.”
In one of the leaked documents, Yiannopoulos admits, “I am less financially secure, more panicked and stressed, and more miserable than when we started.”

Spot on comment;

Wedding expenses are a company expense? In what world?
I don’t feel sorry for the law firm. He had no grounds for a lawsuit, and they should have told him that. But they were just as greedy as he was and told him what he wanted to hear. So they did all the legal work, which was just make work. They can suck that up.
The Mercers? $400K is a round error to them. Screw them.
The hotel? That’s why you get a deposit up front.

His hate mongers wrote up articles that they didn’t get paid! On no! Maybe they shouldn’t trust a grifter next time.
And Cartier — did they just hand over jewelry to him in exchange for an IOU? Why? Because he’s famous? They got what they deserved too. He can return those pearls (which you can buy in China for a fraction of the price). Unless he pawned them.

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