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Men charged with having sex with 12 animals sentenced to 20-41 years


GRAPHIC CONTENT BELOW: Reader discretion is advised.

MUNSON, CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) -- Three Clearfield County men who were charged with having sex with 12 animals over the past four to five years have been sentenced.

Matthew Brubaker, 31, Terry Wallace, 41, and Marc Measnikoff, 34, have all been sentenced to 20 to 41 years in state prison with additional probation.

Brubaker, Wallace, and Measnikoff, were charged with having sexual relations with at least 9 female horses, a cow, a goat, and dogs. Police say this happened on their property on Mouse Road.

A teenage boy, who also lived on the property, was reportedly forced to assist the men by restraining the animals while they engaged in their acts.

The Clearfield County SPCA was at the property to care for the animals. ... 1944917660

Well they got their picture in the newspapers
Sivad wrote:I'd say don't get caught fucking animals in that county because you obviously got a hanging judge that'll bury you under the prison for that shit.

Nobody on here can question my rural creds again. :lol:

So........ @Sivad did I ever tell you how pretty your lips are?

Victoribus Spolia wrote:What if I told you that these guys lived within 15 minutes of my house.

Did someone rat them out ?



It seems to be legal in several countries, including Finland and Hungary.
Maybe @Beren can enlighten us further ? ... h-animals/
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