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Did you know where I live people put signs on their stores that say " black business owner " , and that is the only thing that stop people from vandalizing the store . Where I live there's a caste system . Blacks are on the top . Whites are on the bottom . I've been told that if I do not have African are Native American blood in me I can't even get to heaven . Malcolm X referred to us as white devils . There is a Christian Mystic who wrote a book about the end times, he said the slaves will become the Masters, and the Masters will become slaves.

Donna wrote:Sounds like you just hate black people.
I love black people. My favorite movie growing up was Zulu Dawn where it is a true story of zulu warriors with Spears defeat over a thousand British with cannons, guns, and rocket launchers , best military in the world. I enjoyed watching all those Redcoats get killed

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