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They had in medivial times a justice system without a state. Depending on crime the person commited, so long this person got isolated from community.

No talk and no trade.

Perhaps therefore many of Turkish Alevites are hardcore Anarcho-Communists
SaddamHuseinovic wrote:They had in medivial times a justice system without a state.

So too did they have in Biblical days during the time of the "Judges".

God told them they were making a huge mistake demanding a king, but he gave them one anyway, just to prove how wrong they were and make them suffer.

The whole "legal" system they had was described in the Bible. Basically it was a very primitive system. They did not really have prison, so basically there were only serious crimes (for the most part), and serious crimes were punished by killing.
All they did also have a 'city of refuge' to exile people off to.

A pretty harsh system really. But at least it kept there from being too many stupid laws.
Also people typically did not wander off on their own, because it took two witnesses to convict somebody. So you didn't want to go somewhere where there would not be other people with you.

Any clan patriarch could act as a judge. And if they killed an innocent man in violation of the law, theoretically someone else could kill them, and it would not be against the law.

The priests played some role too, so it was a quasi-religious legal system.

I'm not sure any of us would want to live under such a system, but it did have many advantages over the modern system.

Probably the reality is the laws did not end up getting carried out in the exact same way that they were described in writing. The clan and tribal structure was still very important. Family patriarchs played a big role. (Sort of like chiefs in native American indian villages)

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