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Red_Army wrote:Tim, doesn't the fact that Anarchists have lost in every case have something to do with their ideology and at the very least, the efficacy of their military strategy?

Meh, there's no point in beating the enemy, if you have to give up everything you wanted out of the revolution to do it. That's the logic the Bolsheviks used and look how they ended up. They lost their soul to the Checka and it ate them alive. One set shooting all their predecessors then being shot by their replacements immediately after. Meanwhile the people starve and betray each other for crusts of bread. Great success!
All I can do there is repeat what I said and quoted. A kind word (with a weapon behind it) is better for all concerned, soldier and civilian alike than just a kind word or just brute force.

Maybe there were too many kind words and not enough punishment in the Ukraine and Spain etc but that doesn't mean the exact opposite is always applicable.
It's all about the 1920s USSR. Also, ComradeTim is a left-nationalist reactionary and the Cheka was created by the demand of the Soviets themselves, and was subsequently staffed in no small part by the left SRs.

It was also led by one of the noble of men, Felix Dzerzhinsky, also a Pole.
If you can just opt-out then the hierarchy doesn't really exist aside from as a formality.


As for Poland what a shame the Soviet Union liberated the land the Poles stole in the Polish-Soviet war. Was Charles De Gaulle the aggressor when the kicked the Germans out of France?
This is logically contradicting - To have an army that works and fights properly you need to have some kind of public authority and coercive sanctions. Since anarchist societies are characterised by the complete absence of what we know as the State, there can be no authority because all authority is founded according to political power attached to the State - There is no authority outside the State, only a bunch of naive arrogant kids trying to scream orders while orders ignore them and smoke a few cigarettes. By these reasons, an anarchist society will never be able to form an army or, at least, a well organized disciplined one.
The Makhnovist army was a large and well formed anarchist army
Standing armies are breeding grounds for counter-revolutionary and reactionary sentiment. Even social democrats like the Costa Rican president José Figueres Ferrer abolished the military because they posed a threat to his progressive agenda. A trained police force would be necessary able to keep internal stability but not powerful enough to challenge the civilian establishment.

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