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By Ombrageux
I really think every active member should also be an MP..

I don't think 'non-MP roles' is going to be all that interesting, or anything that an actual MP could not 'do' on the side (such as be a party intellectual, community organizer, journalist or what have you).
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By Gnote
The problem is our definition of 'active member'.

It's going to be difficult to run a sim like this if we consider everyone 'active' who shows up once per week.
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By HoniSoit
I, on behalf of the GM council and the GM, present the SLD with the offer to form a minority government.

The decision is based on Gnote's proposal regarding the formation of government which has been endorsed by the GM and the GM council. Please carefully follow the procedure laid out in the proposal:

3) The party with the largest number of seats as per the clerk's designation has the first chance to form government. This must take place within one week of the clerk's designation of seats.

4) The largest party is free to choose not to attempt to form government. If this occurs, or if the time period of one week lapses before the attempt to form government is made, the next largest party has the next opportunity.

5) A party attempting to form government will do so by trying to pass an initial piece of legislation. This piece of legislation must contain some key administrative components that the GM and GM council should iron out. Some suggested components:

- tax rates (personal, corporate, property, sales)
- minimum wage
- banking structure
- age of majority and voting age

The point of the legislation is not to put forth the party's entire governing platform, but rather to hit some key components required for the functioning of government. Subsequent legislation will fill out the rest of the platform.

The legislation needn't be so broad as to include the 'political' functions of government. In other words, the party attempting to form government does not need to specify the number of ministries or cabinet positions it will employ, or the people who will occupy them.

6) The attempt to pass the initial legislation will be viewed as a confidence motion. If the motion passes by a majority of votes cast (50%+1 of the votes cast on the confidence motion itself), the party is deemed to have the confidence of the house, and will be allowed to govern until such time as a lack of confidence is displayed in the form of a vote.

7) If a government secures the confidence of the house, but then fails to pass a subsequent piece of legislation it proposes, this will be viewed as a lack of confidence in the government, at which point one of two things will happen:

a) The Game Master notes the lack of confidence in parliament, and calls on citizens to elect a new government.

b) Another party informs the Game Master that it believes it can garner the confidence of the house. The Game Master must then decide whether he or she believes this party does have a legitimate chance to form government. If the Game Master believes this party does, he or she can grant them that opportunity. If their chances appear slim, the Game Master will call an election. If multiple parties request an opportunity to form government, the first chance to gain confidence will lie with the largest of those making the request.

For more information, please consult this post.
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By Gnote
I am obviously in favour of the proposal, but there are still some details that need to be ironed out by the GM council. The main one being the requirements of the confidence legislation.
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By Gnote
This party needs a new leader.
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By Okonkwo
Demosthenes wrote:It's going on 36 hours and there has been absolutely zero discussion here or apparently anywhere on your front. New elections are looming. If you would prefer to just move ahead with new elections, then someone please just step up and say so.

Please go ahead. The SLDs are apparently dead too, much like the PUC.
We shall see where the new elections will take our party.

Gnote wrote:This party needs a new leader.

The party needs members, not leaders. That has always been its problem.
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By Infidelis
I hope Okonkwo is wrong about SLD being dead...if it is, fuck it, I'll become a facsist.
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By Okonkwo
Infidelis wrote:I hope Okonkwo is wrong about SLD being dead...if it is, fuck it, I'll become a facsist.

Gnote and I are currently working on something. You can of course contribute as much as either of us if you want to, but the SLD will not give up without a fight. Gnote and I seem to be the most active members of the party and we have decided to keep the SLD alive and prepare it for the next election.
Don't worry, you won't have to become a fascist. :D
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By Gnote

I should note that my above comment was not meant to be a critique of your character in any way. It just seems as though you are not as dedicated to the sim as some of the rest of us. And that is fair.

No hard feelings were intended.
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By Nattering Nabob
Just a note that I'm still onboard, passively observing for now. If something needs immediate attention, feel free to PM me.

Me too, I keep checking in to see if anything happened...
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By Gnote
I would like to throw my name in the hat for the leadership race.
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By Infidelis
Gnote has been a strong member once he caught wind of the game.

If no one else throws their name in the hat by the end of the election, I say grab hold of the reigns...
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By Gnote
Okay, well, for now I'm going to declare myself interim leader. After the election we will determine a system by which we will select a permanent leader. I do intend to stand for that position, but I will take the interim title for now, because I want it to be a full process.
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By Nets
As the PUC has imploded due to lack of activity, I'm signing up for the SLD.
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By Gnote
SLDers, the election is drawing to a close. At present, it appears the results will hash out something like the following:

•SN/RF (36.6%): 12

•PNL (20.4%): 6

•THP (19.4%): 6

•SLD (12.9%): 4

•CA (4.3%): 1

•PoP (3.2%): 1

•LC (3.2%): 1

Votes 93 : 31 Seats

A parliament with 31 seats will require a vote of 16 to pass any legislation, including the initial confidence motion.

Myself, I am encouraged by the results. We are in a position to hold significant sway in a minority parliament.

My first task as interim leader, following the official results of the election, will be to appoint our MPs. After that, we will have some discussion about what our strategy should be regarding coalitions and the like. At this point, I do not see any workable formal coalitions in play. However, I will be interested to see what sort of confidence motion is tabled by the SN-RF.

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