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Inflation is a weapon of rich people to rob and exploit poor people.

2% target inflation is generally an invention by rich people to enslave, exploit poor people.

Rich people own many properties, own shares in companies. Mostly the amount of liquid cash held by rich and poor people is about same since rich people prefer to hold little cash because they know that inflation will erode the value of cash at the rate at which they have set inflation at.

Inflation helps the rich to remain rich always because the poor will always have to work since their savings are eroded significantly by inflation and they have little property to dispose off to yield $$$ in old age.

Inflation helps to scare poor people into spending $$$ made by factories whose share holders are rich people.

But mainly, inflation helps to keep poor people working and serving rich people because any savings of the poor are eroded by inflation and the rich remain well served both by share dividends from the companies that they own as from disposing off real estate or living off rent from their real estate which they rent at inflation adjusted (increasing) rent to the poor.

Example of rich people:

Example of poor old people working to death in Singapore (McDonald's, collecting waste cardboard for recycling, cleaning hawker tables to earn a living):

Poor old people renting cages to live in Hong Kong:
HKG cage housing:

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