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By Politics_Observer - And that's the choice that many couples are making under today's kind of capitalism. And it's the wise choice. This is also why republicans seek to get rid of abortion rights, because they want more young workers even if that means those young workers live under poverty or unstable, insecure and seriously dysfunctional and emotionally and unstable conditions. Anti-abortion is really about power and control over working people and women and not about any sort of REAL morality..

Ha! Ha! Ha! Real morality.. Black moms abort 5 times as many babies as do White moms. The Left has controlled the Black vote for decades. The leftist Democrats have ruined America. Joe Biden is a career criminal politician that has stymied America for decades. Leftist Democrats (Politicians) offer Free HUD housing to any and all that are willing to be at the bottom rung of the ladder for a blue vote every election cycle. Communist Democrats take every opportunity to fleece America's taxpaying legal citizens. Colleges spout Liberalism and Leftist arguments and charge at unlimited tuition costs. For an American to get a job that can afford to pay back their student loans all of the Democrat's job killing regulations will have to disappear forever. The Democrats of today will always destroy America's economy with free healthcare for illegals and those adults that chose not to work. Get real about America's problems. The good jobs have been given away by the greedy career criminal politicians. Only by the Grace of God did President Trump defeat the communist Obama Deep State and crooked Hillary. Never vote for any Antifa Loving, BLM Supporting, Police Defunding, Communist Leftist Democrat this Century. Joe Biden is a brain dead monkey. Kamala is an older AOC. The Democrat party is full of political garbage. It is time for America's taxpaying legal citizens to take out the trash. God Bless President Trump. God Bless America.
Pants-of-dog wrote:That explains nothing.

Yes it does.

I am not going to spoon-feed you.

Maybe you just prefer reading discussions with only two lines. (Something that's actually pretty common in these political discussion forums)
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