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Yesterday AMD launched their replacement for the Rx 5500 XT 8G. We're yet to see what the actual selling price for these cards will be, but its already clear that this will be a significantly worse card for a higher price. I would suggest that this card is the perfect emblem for the economic effects of lockdown. I say effects, rather than costs because of course this has been an absolute bonanza for the both the pharmaceutical-sickness industrial complex and the Big Tech / surveillance industrial complex. Very early on in the China virus crisis it became clear that that an unofficial organic alliance was emerging between the fanatical Lock down Liberal ideologues and the profit hungry pharmaceutical-sickness and the Big Tech / surveillance industrial complexes.

This is AMD's entry level card, this is important because it is a card particularly target at older boys / young men with out rich parents to pay for top end kit. When instituting fascism, whether its the Bolshevik overthrow of democracy in 1917/18 or the Nazi take over in the nineteen thirties or the modern militas we see operating in Africa's so called failed states young men are always key to victory. You want as many of them as possible on your side, but even more importantly its vital to neutralise and demobilise those that are not

And lets be under no illusions, the reaction to the 2019 China virus, in scale if not in intensity, with its lockdowns and curfews, with its bans on gatherings, its mass surveillance, its campaigns against fake news, the massive expansion of censorship on monopoly social media platforms, its attempt to set neighbour against neighbour, its symbolicly massively important mask mandates and its Megnlesque vaccination programmes was the greatest fascist event in world history.

How did they pull it off? Basically by offering older boys and young men the offer of free computer gaming time. Hopefully with the release of this card people can start to see through the lockdown liberals lies, that the 'free" time was anything but free and that we ordinary people are going to be paying the massive costs of this for a long time. The pharmaceutical-sickness and the Big Tech / surveillance industrial complexes are going to be reaping the profits for a long time to come. And the Lockdown Liberals are hoping for permanent ideological gains from the great reset.
That is one spaghetti knot of thoughts. :lol:

The funny thing is, that we can very easily criticize the medical industrial complex, and big tech surveillance complex, and China, etc. etc. We don't have to make these large leaps in faulty logic to do it. Then again, we're talking about @Rich.

This rats nest of thoughts is simply not necessary. It's not really that complicated of a problem. :lol:

This boy is crazy.
Bad video cards are hardly new. The first Nvidia card was launched with a big media push. Which was a mistake, when the first reviewer got ahold of it, he could make it work, at all.

So they called Nvidia, and they sent one of their top guys, and he couldn't make it work.

If you watch video card reviews, this is a common story. They have the old dies to make more chips cheap. So you make some tiny changes, slap a new name on it, and hope suckers buy it.

I am a gamer, and even before Covid, prices for a good card were steep. I paid over $300 for mine, before Covid.

Don't get me started on cheap gaming computers, I'll start foaming at the mouth, screaming, and get a vacation in a padded room. :lol:

Anyway, what this has to do with the rest of the rant, I have no idea.
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