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The caption reads:
"Kids are being lied to, a STEM degree is a scam."
"If you are in STEM, you will be competing with the hungriest, hardest working immigrants to get visas."
"Coding is no longer necessary."​

An Asian man, appearing to be either Chinese or Vietnamese, who lives in California, talks in the video:

" Look, I'm sorry you guys, but the STEM degree is a scam. As an ex-Google tech lead, and someone who's actually climbed that whole entire STEM degree ladder, to the very top...
I mean, I went through the AP biology classes, AP chemistry, AP computer science, went to UC Berkeley studying computer science, linear algebra, calculus, useless Fourier transforms and matrices. How often do I use any of this in daily life? How often have I had to implement a binary search tree, or a quick sort? Never.
It's an over-saturated field, at this point. And if you're in STEM, you're going to be in for the rat race of a lifetime, competing against the hardest working, hungriest immigrants in the world for their visas. And they need this more than you.
They're willing to work harder for this than you, at lower pay, cheaper and worse conditions, because they need this.
And so quite frankly I think students are being lied to when we tell them to go into STEM.

'Do STEM because you parents want you to do STEM.' STEM may have worked in your parents generation, but today the landscape's just changed.
Other people seem to be noticing this to, with a backlash against STEM. Someone notes here: 'There's a ton of indoctrination that typically goes into STEM degrees, which no one seems willing to admit.'
... Somehow everyone today seems to have been brainwashed into the STEM degree as the path to success. 'Hey, you got to get into robotics, you got to get into coding, you got to learn biology, get into matrix math, you got to learn your JavaScript and Java. ... Coding has advanced to a degree where we've got no-code solutions and coders are just obsoleting themselves by building all these solutions that anyone can just use nowadays.
And then, in the lowest rungs of society, the bottom, say fifty percent ... It's essentially life of slavery, competing against the immigrants for their visas. And if you already have a visa, why are you even in this competition. It doesn't even make any sense anymore at that point. It's just a lot of hard work for nothing. And that's... that's you.
You know when I was conducting interviews for FANG, at Google and Facebook, I would occasionally interview these immigrants who were just so smart, I mean they knew every lead code question, they could ace them just one after the other, perfect answers. And they would smoke any American, I mean they were brilliant candidates. America needs that kind of talent; we should bring in. But it's just, personally, I would not want to compete at that level. I mean I got better things to do than that, and maybe you should find something better to do as well.
And even in the coding competitions, like the ACM competition -- I've competed in that before -- Americans just don't stand a chance, because we just don't want it enough. You would be a fool to compete on STEM alone. And then of course to make matters worse you have AI [artificial intelligence] and ChatGPT moving in on your job as well. "​

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A longer version of the video can be found on YouTube:
The STEM Degree SCAM: Why I Quit Coding. - posted by TechLead

"Ex-Google / Meta tech lead, app entrepreneur, software engineer.
If you're looking for help landing a job as a software engineer, resume critique, and mentorship, join me at: "

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