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Blinded by his politics...that's good.

I voted for TIG, because he's intelligent, substantial, a man of wit and humour (he makes the best contributions to the monthly satire threads), and he's also polite and articulate.

However, he's just a commie bastard, so he didn't have a chance. You only had a chance, if you are a Fascist, it seems Rei and FRS are the two most popular Fascists on board. My point is that I understand how Rei is the most popular member here, and I also suppose she's not the most popular one among Fascists, it must be FRS. Which is sad.
Beren wrote:So, if we didn't have Rei, the most notable female poster on PoFo, a basically kind and respectable young Japanese woman, who happens to be a Fascist as well and whom we all would like to have sex with, then out-of-the-closet Nazi FRS would have won the race? It was pretty close, wasn't it?

The entire shortlist is made out of rabid anti-fascists. You already know what happened, though. The greens, reds, and blues split their votes to the four corners of the earth and the browns took the cake. It's the fall of the Weimar Republic all over again.

More seriously, most of the shortlist runners either don't post often enough or in enough different forums that everybody ever knows them, whereas FRS and Rei write essays in threads in every subforum and post in Gorkiy besides.
I am new and therefore a month late in posting here.

It seemed like the best place to express my gratitude for the quality of the members.

In just 2 days, I have experienced more intellectual stimulation than I have in the last 2 years.

I was totally unprepared for the professionalism of the vast majority of members. You should be very proud of this site.

Thank all of you.

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