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By Siberian Fox
The "Editor's Pick" is a section in the News area that enables Today's News moderators to highlight any thread they wish in the Today's News section. It could be a news thread, a video thread or a blog thread.

The following are guidelines for it's use:

  • To post a new editors pick you need to start a new topic in the Editor's Pick forum.

  • Please follow the following format for new topics exactly.
    Code: Select allDD-MM-YYYY

    Post contents:
    Code: Select all[b][url=http://www.politicsforum.org/forum/{URL TO TOPIC}]{TOPIC TITLE}[/url][/b] - {YOUR SHORT DESCRIPTION OF THE TOPIC}

    Please do keep your descriptions brief, because there isn't a lot of space on the page.

  • Your new post will automatically update the News page.

  • Please do not update the Editor's Picks more than onece per day. The aim is to showcase the best topic of the day for new visitors, rather than duplicate thread titles for members who browse the Today's News forum regularly anyway.

  • Obviously large numbers of replies might be a fair indicator of a topic's popularity with visitors.

  • If on a given day you don't think that there is anything worthy in the Today's News section please consider visiting some of the news sites linked on the News page and posting something yourself that you do consider to be an extremely good/important/interesting news story.
    • News stories of international interest are always preferable to stories about one country.
    • Quantcast suggests our members have a preference for science and nature well as political articles.

This new section is in a prominent part of a very prominent page on PoFo. I'd really like for us to become a respected news syndication site, so please use this responsibly. ;)

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