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By blackjack21
One of the things that really stands out with this IRS scandal is that the complaints, oppressive acts, (oppressed parties in a few cases) and excuses seem to be disproportionately by people with Jewish names. That's kind of odd, considering that Jews are a fairly small minority. If you ran a probability distribution on this, I'm guessing the random coincidence that such a scandal would return such a high number of Jewish surnames would be miniscule--unless this were in some way a Jewish fight.

Group Seeks I.R.S. Inquiry of Two Ohio Churches
Stephanie Strom reports that Rabbi Berman along with a number of more liberal Christians complained to the IRS about World Harvest and Fairfield Christian. This article was written by someone with a Jewish surname, the complaint includes Rabbis as well as Christians. Who eventually gets the complaint? Lois Lerner. She has a Jewish surname. An interesting twist: Lerner is also accused of targeting pro-Israel groups. Who was running the IRS? Steven Miller. Also Jewish. And who is running the Treasury Department? Jack Lew. Also Jewish. Then we get articles like this Former NPR CEO Ken Stern: The IRS Had the Right Idea Ken Stern is obviously Jewish as well, and he's very approving of the targeting of Christian groups.

The targeting of James Rosen can thus be seen in a different light in that he's Jewish too. The naming of a journalist as an unindicted co-conspirator in a criminal complaint is unprecedented considering what he's accused of is essentially journalism.

Interesting twist on Lew: he was apparently offered a bonus conditioned upon taking a government job. Jack Lew: Treasury Secretary and Oblivious Bank Shill

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