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i) What is the dominant view among anarchists on how to dismantle the capitalist state?

ii) What is the tactic to prevent the return of the state?

iii) What is the tactic to protect the newly anarchist territory from foreign countries attempting to re-establish capitalism?

iv) How will an anarchist economic model, which would surely be highly localized, divvy up the wealth generated by the means of production and automation? Would the means of production located in a specific, regional community be seized by that region and the wealth accrued simply redistributed among the members of that community, or would communal ownership of the means of production benefit all members of the former country? (considering that wealth and resources are distributed unequally)


v) How can the present standard of living enjoyed in the West be sustained without large, interconnected labor and capital markets and a complex division of labor magnified through global competition for consumers' dollars?
the present high standard of living is suspect.

currently most people do meaningless jobs, this wastes their time and really produces anything useful. people consume stuff because they have been told to by advertising really excess consumption almost defines western society. i think western society has a low standard of living. i resent deeply that the economic system wastes so much of everyone's time on useless work that actually does not contribute to anyone actually having a better life.

one possible future is where people do much less work, the work actually produces meaningful results, and personal satisfaction, and one is not surrounded by piles of crap that really does not enhance ones life.

stuff is highly overrated in today's western society. I value my time immensely . western capitalist society does not.
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