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How would a technocracy transition away from globalisation? Specifically:

-Remittance by economic migrants.
-International logistics chains.
-Sourcing of minerals and other resources that are not available domestically.

-Smuggled drugs.
-Domestically produced drugs.
-Other contraband.

I know there won't be an economic incentive to become a drug dealer but there are significant sub-cultures that promote the use of narcotics, guns, etc. I assume the authorities won't be happy to have all sorts of chemicals being posted to people.
Kolzene wrote: I'm not sure what you mean by "Remittance by economic migrants".

All the laborers and professionals who regularly send money to family members in The Philippines, Bangladesh, Latin America, etc.

I would guess that there wouldn't be much if any international drug moving, simply because like you say there is no incentive. Why would people abroad be sending drugs to people in the Technate for free? Maybe foreign family members or something, but I have a hard time imagining that it would be much.

Isn't there potential for barter? You could send someone a smart phone in exchange for cocaine.

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