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Jo Cox killed because she wanted to remain in Europe.
What a terrible event. The person who did this is an example of the worst waste of humanity.
Know what you are voting, BREXIT is a return back to Nationalism and England will be completely alone to manage everything. Economy, work and financially it will be a huge disaster, and a huge immigration problem. The European people who work in and with England will all leave England ....
Therefore it is very important to remain together in Europe !
lupus75 wrote:England will be completely alone to manage everything.

The UK will again manage its own affairs, just like the vast majority of other countries in the world. The horror!

Truly, people like you must have been taken over by a cult that has brainwashed you into believing that the EU is your saviour.

Does it feel good to not having to take responsibility for how your country is governed?
Some Kraut wrote:This confirms what the rest of us have known for our lifetimes, that half the English are xenophobic racists. It will be good when they leave the Union and take their poison with them. Why they were ever allowed in in the first place mystifies me.

Kaiserschmarrn wrote:I wonder if it makes you less racist if you only call half of the English racists.

Perhaps @Heinie wants to clarify his position, since he seems to ascribe a trait (racism) based on ethnicity.

You are clearly unaware that the impending referendum has about a 50% chance of passing and the complex series of treaties which underpin the European Union have been simplified by the Brexit group to one issue alone, namely, the free movement of EU citizens throughout all member states.
Britain is returning to square one. One of the first action of Britain, which had joined the EEC in 1973, was the vetoed of the Euro-Arab Dialogue led by Franco German initiative in 1974, in protest that Holland was under an Arab oil embargo. Since then the Franco German leadership convinced all the members to take its Arab policy, including Britain and Holland. It took almost 45 years to Britain to realize she doesn't want this EU scheme.

Cleverly, the EU policy adds a moral imperative: it portrays this unbreakable bond between politics, oil, and economics as a just cause. Through extensive EU propaganda, opposing this Islamization is regarded as "racist" and "fascist", concepts which evidently were nothing more than euphemisms for the suppression of any criticism since German ideas of united Europe with economic integration with Arab world was actually not so new. On October 25, 1941, Hitler had told Italian Foreign Minister Count Ciano that in the battle against America he envisioned “the common interests of a unified Europe within an economic zone completed by the African colonies.”

Traditional German policy was repackaged as a universal moral duty of imperative "human rights" and "anti racism".

This process led to current Europe’s subservience to Arab/Muslim jihadist goals, cloaked in Western moral rhetoric.
Heinie wrote:You are clearly unaware that the impending referendum has about a 50% chance of passing and the complex series of treaties which underpin the European Union have been simplified by the Brexit group to one issue alone, namely, the free movement of EU citizens throughout all member states.

You've claimed plenty of times that the English are racist/xenophobes before. Why is it so difficult for you to clear this up once and for all?
Heinie speaks out....
"You English," he said, "are mad, mad, mad as March hares. What has come over you that you are so completely given over to suspicions quite unworthy of a great nation? What more can I do than I have done? I declared with all the emphasis at my command, in my speech at Guildhall, that my heart is set upon peace, and that it is one of my dearest wishes to live on the best of terms with England. Have I ever been false to my word ? Falsehood and prevarication are alien to my nature. My actions ought to speak for themselves, but you listen not to them but to those who misinterpret and distort them. That is a personal insult which I feel and resent. To be forever misjudged, to have my repeated offers of friendship weighed and scrutinized with jealous, mistrustful eyes, taxes my patience severely. I have said time after time that I am a friend of England, and your press --, at least, a considerable section of it -- bids the people of England refuse my proffered hand and insinuates that the other holds a dagger. How can I convince a nation against its will ?

I think that should go some way to healing the rift between our two great nations. :lol:
jessupjonesjnr87 wrote:I agree the Brexit campaign has been less than scrupulous but so has the remain, the reality is the only thing that matters here is whether the British have any shred of self respect and courage to govern their own destiny.

Since when were the English unwilling to govern their own country and many others besides, given the chance?
Keep Spain British!
Spain are so ungrateful. Who saved them from Napoleon? It was Wellington, the light division and Sean Bean and his rifles in the Peninsular war! How to they repay Britain for saving them from Napoleon and giving them their nation back? Moaning about everything we do.
Germans are a great, creative, and powerful people but PoFo has confirmed for me beyond a doubt (not that I didn't already know from my own family) that they are an autistic, humorless, deranged, and dangerous people as well.

If anything Germans are the strongest argument for BREXIT.

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