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The article at the end says:

Americans need to understand that the Republican Party is divided on the issues of a Global Super State, controlled by the wealthy Oligarchs and their Central Banks, versus American Nationalism, which supports the Constitution and Bill of Rights as written, without Globalist modification.

The majority of Republicans have rejected the Globalist dream of Henry Kissinger, George Bush, Mitt Romney and other Oligarchs. Its time to forget their ally, Ted Cruz as well. Time to move on and focus on the General Election and those who are actually their Party’s candidates.

So everyone is still to believe the two-party system works. Well if they run for office they should know there are laws. The politics knows all of this but they still spend more dollars to support it while it still happens. That is the two-party system. No one is worth correcting. No one is.

So Americans were cost just their jobs. Next it will be their lives. Just because they would never really pay all that much attention to ISIS. It is not just one man, neither was. It was all of those same shysters: the talk show hosts, the television sets, the news media outlets, more films.

When ISIS gets done with the United States, people will wish they had voted for John McCain just to either get neither the same exact results/other ones/worse ones/less of them/none of them would be a lie; the news media says they have destroyed the Earth to import more terrorists.
crockton1234 wrote:NAFTA Cost U.S. 56,190 Factories...Hillary Clinton a Billionaire
Yes, and by way of all, and as of that, and blah blah blah, Hillary Clinton is sick, as deeds are of those exact same facets. Yes, Hillary Clinton could not be the same one to have ordered some jets. Is she nuts? Just perhaps. What are drugs? Does anyone else know any of this.

That F.B.I. Director James B. Comey had really better get down to some real actual serious business. Hillary Clinton has also been the real actual subject(s) as by real actual targets. It's not all of her very own faults. She should be the same one running the prisons. For all of those same exact --------. It is the sun, D/\YS.
In a Republic it is the responsibility of we the people to maintain the rule of law not the government, for if we the people had been doing our part as free and Sovereign individuals the GOP and DNC would still be subject to our will, from a fear of nolonger retaining their title or office. But do to our greed and apathy, and the greed and apathy of the generation before us, our beloved Republic has degenerated into a democracy. And now with every passing day regardless of what political entity has an majority the rule of law, our beloved Constitution, a testament of the greatness of our four fathers, is belittled, and disregarded by those who hold positions of public Trust, and who has sworn an oath before God to uphold and defend it. However it is we the people who are at fault not Bush not Obama or their collaborators, for it was us who exercised our responsibility of popular sovereignty in a irresponsible, and frankly dangerous manner putting party loyalty and self interest above civil government and individual liberty. Now we are simply reping what we have sowed, and are moving ever closer to the next step the degeneration of republics tyranny.

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