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Without derailing the thread too much, I think it would be a good idea to separate the idea of the Technate (which is specific to the Technocracy Movement) from the general idea of technocracy in common parlance.

The general idea of technocracy embodies certain features, which could be achieved through a Technate but might also be achieved through other organizational schema. These are the features (really goals) that technocracy needs to achieve.

1) Freedom from wage slavery.
2) The ability of individuals to organize their own time for their own purposes.
3) Extrication of the individual from organizational hierarchies that control his ability to survive.
4) Redefining the nature and purpose of both work and play.

In the long run, I don't believe these goals can be ultimately achieved without radically constraining the legal definition of ownership (as now understood) and limiting income from the rent of land or money. And I don't know enough about the formal Technocray Movement's position on these issues, or whether they consider them as central. Perhaps some of you may comment on this.
NOTE: Sorry for my bad English. It isn't my first language.

Well since Kolzene already dealt with the first post, I'll try my best to deal with the rest. It seems like not only the blog against Technocracy Inc's technocracy but also the mainstream definition of it. For the sake of staying on topic due to the nature of this board I'll be avoiding posts that deal with the mainstream definition of Technocracy. The first post I want to talk about is called "Problem #1".

Here the blog argues that there are still natural scarcities such as Petroleum or... Water. First off, this is a bad example, oil is inefficient and would be replaced by a better energy source and water is I believe an infinite resource due to coming from rain the problem we simply have is an inability to control where that rain lands but there will always be water to go around. This is why a Technate can potentially create a continental water pipe system that directs it to an urbanate's water supply while purifying the water. Also the fact that the writer of the post couldn't think of anything else shows that he/she couldn't think of that contains scarcity but I have an idea. Say you want an old, classical Ferrari but since they ran out of production before, you can't get them. The solution is simple, the Technate can create a duplicate and if the person wanting the Ferrari wants an actual old classical Ferrari then the Technate can make it look and act old. Obviously cars would be confined to highways or race tracks due to the nature of urbanates but this idea can be applied to pretty much every other man made scarcity product.

The rest as to do with responses to a person named Skip? I'm not going to respond to those however I will respond to a certain post that caught my eye. "Technates are Neo-Soviets"! This one made me laugh and this time I will quote the post.

The emergent technocracy is illustrated nowhere better than in Chechnya's neighboring Republic of Dagestan, where Mukhu Aliev was appointed by Putin earlier this year to be the republic's first president. Though he served for more than a decade as chair of the local parliament, Aliev managed to avoid the factionalism and corruption that undermined Dagestan's nascent democracy. With a doctorate in philosophy and a three-room, Soviet-style apartment, he is seen by most Dagestanis as a principled manager attempting to build a meritocracy while undercutting local corruption.

First, what is described is a meritocracy, not a Technocracy it says it in the paragraph. Technocracy can only work in an abundance and can only work in a continent. Technocracy is an economic system that gives everyone a high standard of living without thus no one will have an power which destroys government. What the post is referring to is the mainstream definition of Technocracy not it's actual definition. The rest of the post verifies this.

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